BOTW Players Reveal Their Favorite Weapons (That Aren’t Master Sword)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is filled with various weapons to discover, and a group of fans on Reddit recently discussed which are the best. Nintendo’s most recent outing in the Zelda franchise is one of the series’ most beloved and iconic, due in part to its huge open world and many collectibles and secrets. Even five years after its release, BOTW players are still finding simple tricks and making baffling discoveries.

One of the features that Breath of the Wild is best known for is its huge assortment of powerful, unique, and effective weapons. As is the case with many melee-focused games, players begin the journey with access to only the most rudimentary and basic tools, often having to fight with rusty swords and wooden clubs. Things get much more complex throughout the course of the game, however, as players eventually gain access to elemental weapons and magic staffs like the Blizzard Rod, which can deal massive amounts of damage. Of course, the iconic Master Sword makes an appearance in the game, though it is set apart by a few distinctions, including the fact that it doesn’t break like other BOTW weapons.

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With such a huge assortment of implements to choose from, it makes sense that fans would want to gather to discuss which ones are the best. This is exactly what a group of Redditors has done recently in a post created by user Any_Guard_9126, which asks players to name the best item in Breath of the Wild. Many of these items are weapons, and popular comments have given the title of “best item” to armaments like the Lizal Tri-Boomerang and Duplex Bow for their versatility, effectiveness in combat, and appearance. Other commenters have named ineffective or difficult-to-use items like the Giant Boomerang for their fun factor.

BOTW players can use glitches for stylish kills or leverage the game’s satisfying physics and element systems for memorable combat encounters, but there’s nothing wrong with favoring the classics. In-game items like boomerangs and bows allow for long-range combat that can be extremely effective and sometimes even essential for taking down menacing enemies like Guardians, while more esoteric and weird weapons like the Giant Boomerang are simply fun to use, making them a good option for players looking for a new Breath of the Wild experience.

Link’s arsenal is expected to expand in Breath of the Wild 2, perhaps adding even more strange and unexpected tools for players to engage with. It looks like the Master Sword might be broken in the upcoming game, which would force players to make use of a more varied assortment of weapons. Whether the sequel to Breath of the Wild changes weapon durability or not, there will surely be plenty to look forward to on the combat side of the game.


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Source: Any_Guard_9126/Reddit