George Finally Meets Pastor Rob In New Young Sheldon Season 5 Image

A brand new Young Sheldon season 5 promo image reveals George meeting Pastor Rob. The Big Bang Theory prequel is in the final stretch of its ongoing year, so some lingering plotlines are starting to culminate. That includes revisiting the Cooper parents’ deteriorating marriage.

Introduced in Young Sheldon season 5, Dan Byrd’s character started as the new Youth Pastor at Mary’s church. His initial interactions were mostly with Missy and Sheldon. Missy, in particular, stood out during Sunday School as she started asking questions regarding romantic and sexual relationships. However, a storytelling pivot reveals that like her daughter and despite her initial resistance towards him, Mary developed a crush on Rob. While his appearances have been limited, Rob’s existence in Mary’s life has been hinted to factor in more marital woes between her and her husband. At one point, George even caught Mary and Rob smoking during a church sleepover which hasn’t been resolved yet.

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Now, however, George will finally come face-to-face with Mary’s co-worker and increasingly close friend. Young Sheldon‘s official Twitter account reveals the pair meeting at Pastor Jeff’s office. The tweet hypes up the moment, hinting that something big might happen after the gentlemen’s introduction. Check out the image below:

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Young Sheldon is taking a final break for season 5, which means that there won’t be any episodes today. But it is set to return next week, airing its penultimate outing, which the aforementioned still is from. The official synopsis for the episode titled “White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People” doesn’t include anything about Rob and George’s meeting. But it reveals that Georgie’s situation with Mandy has become the talk of the town. Chances are that it’s the reason why George is at Mary’s place of work and worship. Elsewhere, Missy will stand up for Georgie while Sheldon will desperately try to cope with the family drama. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy for him.

While it makes sense that George gets called to Pastor Jeff’s office, it’s curious why Rob is also present during the meeting. If the conversation is indeed about Georgie’s predicament, then it’s a family matter. Hence, Rob doesn’t really need to be there — unless Mary insists on him being present because, for some reason, she trusts him. George has already hinted about his negative impression of Mary’s co-worker after he caught them smoking on church premises. So their meeting could lead up to another problem, especially if George is provoked. For what it’s worth, the Young Sheldon finale is confirmed to see George and Mary trying to find new jobs, which means that both of them will be fired from (or quit) their respective employment. A brawl at church between the Cooper patriarch and Rob could be the reason for this.

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Young Sheldon season 5 airs Thursdays on CBS.

Source: Young Sheldon/Twitter