Why Some DBE Teacher Assistants Did Not Qualify For PYEI Phase 3

Why Some DBE Teacher Assistants Did Not Qualify For PYEI Phase 3

Why Some DBE Teacher Assistants Did Not Qualify For PYEI Phase 3

With youth unemployment in South Africa at alarmingly high levels, many individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with the next phase of the Education Department’s teacher assistant plan, as well as its implementation.

In South Africa, there is a significant demand for youth jobs, with an estimated two out of every three young people unemployed. This was seen when the Department of Basic Education (DBE) received over 5.5 million applications but only had 280 000 employment openings.

The positions were created as part of the President’s Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI). The initiative’s third phase started in early April 2022.

However, it was discovered that only those who participated in the initiative’s first two phases were eligible to participate in the program, which provided adolescents with jobs as general school helpers and education assistants.

Elijah Mhlanga, a DBE representative, defended the department’s criteria for the program’s third phase.

He explained that 250 000 persons qualified for Phase 3, implying that the criteria are not just fair but also correct.

Mhlanga also discussed why certain young people failed to achieve the criteria for moving on to phase three. Following complaints of wrongdoing, including absenteeism, criminal activity, and being recipients of the R350 Social Relief of Distress award, several were removed from the program.

Here’s Which Education Assistants Qualified For Phase 3

  • Are Between the age of 18 and 35 years old. (18 or above when applying, or 34 turning 35 before the end of March 2023);
  • Are Residing in South Africa with a valid RSA ID card, book or valid passport and work permit;
  • are Residing in a location within a 5-8 kilometer radius of the school
  • Are the only one with this opportunity at home (One Opportunity per household);
  • Meet the requirements per category and sub-category applied for;
  • Attended work all days and performed the work assigned to them;
  • Are Not in Education, Not in Employment and Not in Training (NEET), you can not be involved in any form of studies for the entire period;
  • Are Not studying part-time or full-time
  • Are Not participating in a Learnership
  • Are Not receiving government grants including NSFAS, Funza Lushaka, and the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant.
  • Are Not receding any other form of Stipend, wage or salary;
  • Don’t have a criminal record;
  • Was not unfairly advantaged above others due to staff members (SMT or SGB) knowing them;
  • Attended all the compulsory training and received certificates(Generic Orientation, SOP for Covid-19, NSSF) and
  • Was not involved in misconduct during Phase 1 or Phase 2