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How Westworld Season 4 Came Up With Its Major Timeline Twist



The following contains spoilers for Westworld season 4, episode 4

Westworld season 4 showrunner Lisa Joy explains how the show came up with its huge midseason twist. Westworld has been blowing its fans’ minds ever since it first arrived on HBO back in 2016. And this weekend the sci-fi series lived up to its brain-melting reputation by unleashing one of its biggest timeline-exploding twists ever.

It’s of course nothing new for Westworld to have multiple storylines going on at once, while keeping the audience in the dark about how the various stories actually connect. Such was again the case throughout the first three episodes of season 4 as the show focused largely on a pair of plots: Maeve and Caleb’s action-packed dealings with Charlotte Hale/Dolores and her new Roaring Twenties theme park, and Bernard’s reactivation by Stubbs and their desert meet-up with a group of apparent rag-tag rebels. The twist that arrived in episode 4 “Generation Loss” then revealed the mindblowing connection between these two apparently separate storylines: Bernard’s story is actually set 23 years in the future, after Hale has taken over all of Manhattan using her fly-borne mind-control parasite, and the rag-tag rebel referred to as C is actually Caleb’s daughter Frankie. What’s more, the weapon sought by Bernard in the desert is actually Maeve, who has spent the last 23 years buried there after her and Caleb’s fateful last encounter with Hale and The Man in Black. Adding to the craziness, it’s also revealed that Caleb is now a human consciousness in a host body, and that Charlotte has been subjecting copies of him (278 to be exact) to the same fidelity testing host versions of James Delos and William underwent in season 2.


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This crazy-yet-familiar Westworld twist undoubtedly turned season 4 on its ear while setting up more major confrontations down the road. Speaking to The Wrap, showrunner Joy talked about how the writers came up with the idea in the first place and what it means from a thematic sense. She said:

I think that even before we assembled the room, we had the idea of dual timelines and this being a sort of midseason twist. But then when the writers got together and [executive producer] Alison [Schapker] and the rest of the team was there, we kind of ironed out the details. We didn’t know if it would be exactly Episode 4 or if it would be Episode 5, but we knew that we wanted to play with time that way and take away a human being’s sense of agency in the same way in which we used to take away the robot’s sense of agency.


Indeed Westworld has for some time been playing with the idea of hosts and human switching roles, and in fact bringing this result about has always been Hale/Dolores’ plan. Now it seems the show has finally reached the point where it’s the humans living in a theme park, under the control of Hale’s menacing New York tower. But it seems Hale isn’t satisfied with just controlling people’s minds, and wants to fulfill the dream of human consciousness uploaded into host bodies. Unfortunately her experiments with Caleb don’t seem to be going very well as she has gone through 278 copies without achieving fidelity. And there’s also the question of what happened to The Man in Black, whose body was buried with Maeve in the sand before the 23-year time jump. It’s also yet to be seen how Christina fits into all of this.

Of course in one sense this latest huge rug-pulling plot twist is just another example of Westworld engaging in its signature crowd-pleasing (and potentially crowd-frustrating) narrative acrobatics. But this time around, there’s genuine thematic weight to the twist, as the moment of revelation with Caleb truly did convey a terrifying sense of what it’s like for a human to be robbed of agency. It will be interesting now to see what happens with Hale’s on-going Caleb fidelity testing, and Bernard’s efforts to use Maeve as a weapon to defeat Delos, as Westworld season 4 continues to unfold.

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Source: The Wrap

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