Weird West Update Addresses Criticisms Like Aiming & Repetition

A new Weird West patch addresses some of the game’s most common criticisms, including its clunky aiming and limited variety of random events. Developed by WolfEye Studios, which was founded by Dishonored and Prey creator Raphael Colantonio, the unique role-playing game takes players to a supernatural American frontier. Screen Rant’s review of Weird West found it to be a compelling and immersive adventure, and its newest update promises to make the experience better and stranger.

Like Dishonored and Prey before it, Weird West bills itself as an “immersive sim” role-playing game that realistically reacts to a player’s actions. Various interactive systems let players progress by manipulating the environment, outwitting enemies or making clever use of supernatural abilities. Weird West features five distinct chapters, and each one puts players in the boots of a different player character with unique motivations and powers. Players can even meet previous playable characters once they embody the next one, creating a tight web of choices, narrative paths and possibilities. Factions in Weird West, each with their own opinions of the various protagonists, add yet more variety to each campaign.

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As announced by WolfEye Studios (via Twitter), a 1.02 patch for Weird West has been released on Steam. The free content update fixes many concerns about the game, particularly the projectile throwing system and lack of event variety. Aiming projectiles has been completely revamped, allowing players to throw bottles or dynamite exactly where they want. Weird West players will also run into surprising new encounters while traveling, and new locations like a natural cave and hacienda have been added. Patch 1.02 is out now on Steam, and it will apparently come to consoles soon.

The “narrative LEGOs” used to construct Weird West make the game unpredictable, as illustrated by a developer commentary video from before the game’s launch. Various mechanics let players create their own stories through gameplay, with each action triggering a reaction from the world around them. For example, a player may accidentally kill an innocent bystander during a hectic shootout. This can result in the victim’s relative hunting and attacking the player later on to get revenge for their lost loved one. Weird West makes players consider every action careful, since unintended side effects will likely appear down the road.

While Weird West received praise for its in-depth role-play systems, some clunky mechanics and repetitive encounters held the game back from greatness. Now WolfEye Studios is directly addressing these issues with Patch 1.02 by introduces a number of new mechanics and features. After these changes, uncertain cowpokes may want to try revisiting Weird West or riding through the frontier for the first time.

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Weird West is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: WolfEye Studios/Twitter