Turkey Government Scholarship 2023 (Turkey Scholarship Burslari) – APPLY NOW

Turkey Government Scholarship 2023 Turkey Scholarship Burslari APPLY NOW

Turkey Government Scholarship 2023 (Turkey Scholarship Burslari) – APPLY NOW

Most students dream of studying at top-ranked institutions abroad. Some students try hard to attain their academic purposes, and despite their efforts, expensive education costs and living expenses sometimes prevent them from pursuing their objectives. The anxious days of education due to these difficulties in some countries are over. Turkey is among these countries that welcome international students to apply for Turkey Scholarship either at undergraduate (bachelors) or graduate levels (masters). In various courses, international students will be recruited for hundreds of fully funded Turkey Scholarships in 2023–2024. The documents for this application are submitted online for free and will not require an IELTS test. These fully-funded positions assist eligible students in developing their academic skills and knowledge. The selected students will also be able to get familiar with Turkish traditions, cultures, etiquette, and experiences. In this article, the timeline, eligibility criteria, and required documents of the Turkey scholarship will be introduced.

Are There Any Fully Funded Scholarships In Turkey?

The quick answer is “YES.” Most students dream of studying at top-ranked institutions abroad. Some students try hard to attain their academic purposes, and despite their efforts, expensive education costs and living expenses sometimes prevent them from pursuing their objectives. The anxious days of education due to these difficulties in some countries are over. The government of Turkey is supporting hard-working international students to start their programs for free in Turkey.

General Description Of The Turkey Scholarship For 2023–2024.

    1. Turkey is amongst these countries which welcome international students to apply for their grants and scholarships, either at an undergraduate level (bachelors) or graduate level (masters and Ph.D.).
    2. International students will be recruited this year for hundreds of fully funded Turkey Government Scholarships (2023–2034) sessions in a variety of courses. The documents for this application are submitted online for free and will not need an IELTS assessment.
    3. These fully funded positions assist eligible students in developing their academic skills and knowledge. The selected students will also be able to get familiar with Turkish traditions, cultures, etiquette, and experiences.

Financial Benefits Of The Turkey Scholarship 2023-2024

They provide several financial benefits and funds during their educational path, all of which are listed below:

  1. Tuition and fees
    1. The Scholarship covers all the semester fees and tuition expenses.
  2. Monthly allowance
    1. The allowance every month is given to the selected students, although this amount varies depending on degree level, as shown in the below table.

Degree level

Monthly Allowance*


700 TL or $45


950 TL or $62


1400 TL, or $90

*TL: Turkish Lira, $USD

  1. Free place for residency:
    1. Cost of living and accommodation contributes to a significant portion of each student’s budget. Students who receive Turkey Scholarship can stay at the free university residence halls until the end of their education.
  2. Free place for residency:
    1. Public health insurance
    2. Two airplane tickets, one for arrival and one for departure,
  3. Free language training
    1. One year of free courses for Turkish language education will be given to the selected students.

Important dates for the research application process for Turkey Scholarship 2023-2024.

It is preferable to gather information before this date. Remember that applying for this scholarship is free and requires no payment. The acceptance or rejection of this scholarship is normally communicated by email. It is a must to check the important dates on this link.

  1. Research Scholarships: There are four opportunities to apply for research scholarships. If you cannot submit your application by the first deadline, you might apply in the next round.

Calendar of the Turkey Scholarship in 2022-2023



Process duration

Results announcement

1st phase

January 2022

March 2022

Up to 30 days

April 2022

2nd phase

April 2022

June 2022

Up to 30 days

July 2022

3rd phase

July 2022

September 2022

Up to 30 days

October 2022

4th phase

October 2022

December 2022

Up to 30 days

January 2023

  1. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships:



Process duration

Interview phase

Results released

Initial Procedures

The beginning of the academic year

Jan. 10, 2022

Feb. 20, 2022

Until May 2022,

June and July 2022

Early August

August 2022

September 10–20, 2022

Who can apply for a Turkish scholarship in 2023?

Turkey’s goals in awarding national scholarships.

Eligibility descriptions on documents

  1. Study certificate of the levels you finished.
  2. CV and required CGPA
  3. statement of purpose, recommendation letter, and research proposal (Ph.D. only).
  4. Transcripts
  5. Passport, photograph, and NIC.
  6. Language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, etc. (if required)
  • International certificates such as GMAT, DELF, YDS, and YÖS (if required)
  • Work experience (if required)

Eligibility Criteria For Citizenship

Important Notice In Document Preparation

  1. The certificates and transcripts from the most recent degree should be in Istanbul Turkish or English. Although the translation of papers is not required, it has been demonstrated that translated documents are far more likely to win a scholarship.
  2. The basic qualifying condition for Turkish scholarship positions is that the applicant must not be a current or former Turkish citizen.

Eligibility Criteria On Age And GPA

degree level

maximum age

Minimum GPA in the last level










Written Exam For Turkey Government Scholarship In 2023

Prior to a face-to-face interview with the Presidential staff, undergraduate candidates are given 60 minutes to complete a 30-question numerical test that includes math, geometry, and logic questions. Examinations are conducted prior to further interviews to evaluate applicants in the fields of health sciences, engineering, and social sciences. Results are evaluated among all the applicants within a given field.

There will be questions that require explanation in both Turkish and English, as well as questions that do not require translation. The exam expects candidates to be sufficiently prepared for these exams in English, given that English materials are frequently used in undergraduate health, scientific, and engineering courses in Turkey and many other countries worldwide.

At the link below, the sample questions and their solutions are downloadable.



Learning the Turkish language.

A one-year Turkish language course is required of students qualified for the Turkish Government Scholarship. As a result, through all students will study Turkish throughout a one-year mandatory course. This language, of course, helps people be more adaptable to their surroundings as well as their social and cultural relationships.

Conditions of Turkish Scholarship interview and FAQ on this interview.

The face-to-face interview will be held in the morning and afternoon on the same day as the exam. After getting the interview invitation, candidates will be advised of their test and interview times. Interviews are normally 15–30 minutes long and follow the following format:

  1. Checking the documents after the welcome and introduction
  2. Encourage the applicant to apply for the scholarship.
  3. Career aspirations and scientific knowledge
  4. Finally, a committee question.

Note that your decision will not be made during the interview and will not be known until the day the results are released.

Note that candidates selected for the interview, if they have not yet graduated, must have all the transcripts, documents, and certificates up to each year they have studied.

Learn how to get your application results for the Turkey Scholarship 2022 in pictures.

You must enter the Turkish government website (this link). And the following page will be displayed for you. You must enter the required information accurately and click the save button.

After clicking the save button, the following page will be shown to you, and an email will be sent to your email address. You should check your email, click the link inside that email, and confirm your email.

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After confirming your email, you’ll be taken to the login screen below. Enter your email address and password to log in, then select Login.

  1. You will now be directed to the Turkish Burslari website, where you can easily register by selecting the English language option.
  2. You will be taken to the final page so that you can upload the required information and documents as per the instructions of this site and complete your registration.
  3. To view the results, you must refer to the portal of the Turkish government (this link) and enter your user section by entering your username and password, and be informed of the result.

Note that if you are selected, the date of the invitation to the interview will be provided to you, and if you see the “Awaiting Evaluation” mode on your page in the RESULTS section, it means that you have been rejected.

The Process Of Selecting Individuals For The Turkey Scholarship.

    1. Preliminary evaluation: Each student is evaluated based on basic criteria such as minimum academic grades, age restriction, required credentials, etc.
    2. Shortlist: Expert committees select qualified candidates based on various criteria, including academic status, prerequisites, academic interests, professional ambitions, consistency of decisions, motivation transparency, engagement in social activities, and… accuracy Checked. The list of interview candidates that are eligible is subsequently narrowed down.
    3. Interviews: Interview committees comprised of university professors and experts will interview shortlisted candidates from over 100 countries.
    4. Selection release: The results of the interviews are transmitted to a group known as the Selection Committee at this point, after which the selected individuals’ final results are announced.

Check the turkey Forum on the below link if you are interested in finding students’ experiences or talking about turkey scholarships, grants, universities, countries, visa processes, applications, and even English exams.

Click here to start a conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions: Turkey Scholarship 2023-2024 (Turkey Scholarship Burslari)

1-How much is the registration fee?

Registration for this Scholarship is completely free by the Turkish government.

2-How many choices do we have in selecting the Scholarship?

Every applicant is given 12 options. The candidate has several programs to choose from at existing universities. It is preferable to select roughly similar fields or organize fields in such a way that they are related to one another, as this will boost your chances of winning a scholarship.

3-Do I need to translate documents at the time of submission?

The documents do not need to be translated at the time of submission but must be translated if they are accepted. Only if you intend to apply for a Ph.D. should you upload your transcripts and degree certificates in English or Turkish.

4-Is it possible to pursue our education in the programs in a language other than Turkish?

Yes. In most Turkish universities, the language of instruction is Istanbul Turkish, and several courses offer English, French, and German content. It is required to have international certificates and language tests to get admitted to these programs.

5-I am not fluent in Turkish. Is there a weakness in the admission process?

No, applicants do not need to provide Turkish language documentation from Istanbul. A year of Turkish language study is also included in the scholarship.

6-Where am I going to learn Turkish?

You can learn Turkish in Istanbul, either at the university where you received a scholarship or at a nearby institution, and if that is not possible, in a city other than the one where you were accepted.

7-If I take an English language proficiency test, do I still need to take a Turkish language course?

Yes. All the admitted international students are required to complete one year of Turkish language instruction.

8-The university where I want to study requires TOEFL-IELTS language certificates or GRE-GMAT-ALES exams. Are these documents required when applying for a scholarship?

Yes. When selecting an English-based university program, you must provide this documentation.

For other possible questions, please follow this link


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