Top 10 Major Airlines in Canada in 2023

Flying is the best and most convenient means of transportation all over the world. Canada has some of the best airlines around because they are safe and some of them are budget-friendly. If you are ready to travel and you are seeking which airline is suitable for you, then we are glad you are reading this piece. Here, we would be showing you the top 10 airlines in Canada.

Major Airlines in Canada

1. Air Canada

Air Canada is arguably one of the best airlines in Canada. They offer domestic and international services as it serves 200 destinations on continents. Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Montreal, it is the largest airline as regards its fleet size and the number of passengers it can carry. Air Canada has been rated by Skytrax as one of the best airlines in North AmericaThis airline also has several awards to its name.

Air Canada offers great booking classes such as BusinessPremium Economy, Latitude, Comfort, Flex, Standard and Basic Class. Air Canada also has subsidiaries which are Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Express, Air Canada Vacations, Air Canada Cargo etc. Some of the services you may be able to enjoy include WiFi access, Maple leaf lounge access, Same-day airport changes etc.

2. WestJet

WestJet is another major but budget-friendly airline in Canada that flies to 100 destinations and more within Canada, Mexico, Europe, the USA etc. Established in 1996, WestJet has reward programs that encourage travellers to continue using the airline’s servicesThese programs give passengers incentives whenever they make travel-related purchasethrough WestJet.

The money they get from the program can later be redeemed for future flights and vacation packages with WestJet. WestJet has also received accolades from Skytrax, for instance, they have been recognized as Canada’s Low-cost Airlines. Also, passengers are free to choose from any of the following classes Basic, Econo, EconoFlex, Premium, PremiumFlex, Business, and Businessflex.Yoiget to enjoy power to charge your devices, access to music and movies to keep you entertained on long flights and also internet on board services.

3. Central Mountain Air

Central Mountain Air is another well-known Canadian airline that serves 16 areas for now which include SmithersQuesnel, Fort Nelson, Prince George, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton etc. With this airline, passengers are allowed to redeem Air Miles. In partnership with Northern Thunderbird Air, Central Mountain Air offers its services to organizations, corporations, government agencies, individuals etc. There are so many perks to using this airline, for instance, they provide meals and beverages on the flight, customizable schedules designed by the passenger etc.

4. Northwestern Air

This is a Canadian domestic airline based in Forth Smith, Northwest Territories. It provides scheduled flights to about 7 locations in Alberta and Northwest Territories including Edmonton, Fort Smith, Hay River, Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, High level, and Yellowknife. Apart from these flights, it is also in charge of charter contracts for some US and Canadian corporations.

Even though Northwestern airline is a smaller airline, compared to many others, it operates more than 100 flights every week and has a fleet containing about 15 aircraft. There is only one booking type — Economy class and they don’t provide online check-ins. Other services by this airline include cargo services in partnership with third-party airlines, fuel and hangar services and expert maintenance services.

5. Porter Airlines

Based in Toronto, Porter Airlines has been serving its clients for over 16 years and provides flights to about 22 locations across US and Canada. UndoubtedlyPorter flights are convenient and they areworking on expanding their flight routes to Mexico and the Caribbean. Whatever tickets you choose, you are entitled to beer,wine and snacks in the lounge and flight.  Their aircraft are eco-friendly and flights are generally comfortable for their passengers.

They also have faster check-ins than major airline carriers and their cabins are spacious and comfortable. The airline also runs a VIP program called VIPorter. When people sign up, they can earn points for travel purchases and redeem those points for travel. However, points earned must be redeemed within 24 consecutive months or they would expireYou can also upgrade your membership on the program to get access to priority check-inpriority boarding and priority security lane.

6. Sunwest Aviation

If you need charter services, then Sunwest Aviation may be the best option for you. Chartering with Sunwest lets you be in total control of your schedule and everything related to your flight. The good thing about this airline is that it cuts the time of waiting for hours to check-in, you only have to arrive 15 minutes before take-off and you are good to go! Sunwest also have several airports from which individuals can choose and so you don’t have to travel for hours before you can get to the airport, you only need to pick the airport closest to you.

Sunwest Aviation has a fleet of 31 aircraft and they also deliver aircraft management services to individuals and corporations alike.Amazingly, you can also earn money from Sunwest! This is possible if you own an aircraft and rent it to Sunwest and earn cool cash even if you are not flying. The airline has an air ambulance which has advanced life support systems in case of emergencies.

7. Air Transat

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Air Transat stands as one of the largest airlines in Canada. It has several accolades to its name as it is known for its commitment to sustainable development and implementation of energy-efficient processes. Founded in 1986, it has a fleet size of 40 aircraft and carries about 5 million passengers on international and domestic flights. Owned by Transat A.T. Inc, an international tourism company, it flies to over 69 destinations in 25 countries.

This airline is known for its priority for leisure, little wonder, it has also received awards from Skytrax establishing this factThe airline also has just two classes — Club Class and Economy Class. You can add more perks to your economy class to get more benefits but regardless, you are entitled to good food, great customer service,etc. This airline may be expensive but it is definitely worth your money!

8. Flair Airlines

Based in Edmonton, Flair Airlines first started as a charter airline in 2005, with scheduled flights commencing in 2017. Flair Airlines is Canada’s first independent ultra low-cost carrier airline, allowing passengers to fly to many locations in Canada including Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Winnipeg.

Since flights with this airline are considerably affordable, the airline comes with some compromises which passengers would have to adjust to. These compromises may include not having adjustable headrests, and also complimentary food and drinksDespite all these, Flair Airlines is great to fly with if yodon’t want to break the bank compared to other budget domestic airlines.

9. Sunwing Airlines

This is a privately owned airline founded in 2005 and based in Toronto. Sunwing is also an award-winning leisure carrier that prioritizes the leisure and comfort of its travellers. It claims to haveone of the newest and fuel-efficient fleets of aircraft in Canada. Their aircraft also has state-of-the-art technology and standard designs that help in the reduction of fuel emissions and strengthentheir commitment to offering travellers reliable and budget-friendlyservice. Their aircraft flies to over 45 locations across Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida etc.

10. Jazz Aviation

Although Jazz is not an independent airline (partners with Air Canada), it is also a budget-friendly alternative if you don’t want to drill holes in your pockets. Jazz offers domestic and charter services in Canada and the US. Since Jazz is a partner with Air Canada, the latter sets the routes and flight schedule for Jazz and takes care of all the seat pricing. Jazz serves Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary,  Montreal, Halifax, St. John’s, the United States, Ottawa, and more. Jazz provides two types of classes to its clients — Business Class and Economy Class and these classes come with their benefits.


Canadian airlines are generally world-class and safe for travellers.These airlines may be affordable or expensive depending on their features and services. This article has unveiled the top 10 airlines in Canada and all you need to know about them. However, the best airline for you would depend on your needs and travel destination.