Tipping Point: Lucky Stars Fans All Say The Same Thing About Gaby Roslin’s Outfit – But Did You Notice?

TIPPING Point: Lucky Stars fans all said the same thing about Gaby Roslin’s outfit – but did you notice?

The Virgin Radio presenter took part in a celebrity edition of the ITV quiz show on Sunday alongside JJ Chalmers and Sean Fletcher.

Gaby Roslin’s outfit distracted viewers watching Tipping Point: Lucky Stars on Sunday
Gaby, 57, wore a bright pink top and neon yellow trousers

As the trio introduced themselves, viewers immediately noticed Gaby’s bright pink shirt.

The 57-year-old stood out next to her two male companions, but viewers were even more distracted when they realised she was also wearing bright neon yellow trousers.

The wide-legged garment featured two pink stripes down the side, matching with Gaby’s top, and the star completed her funky look with a pair of trainers.

However for some, the bright get up was a bit too much for their eyes.

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Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “@GabyRoslin, that colour is hurting my eyes!”

Another added: “Watching Tipping Point anyone?? Gaby Roslin thinks she’s chilling at home. Look at her trousers!!! No !!!”

Even JJ commented on her bright trousers as he tweeted: ” “Oooohhhh… My Granny would have loved to watched this, well you can enjoy it tonight at 1900 on @itv and @WeAreSTV. (Not sure my Granny’s Old Eyes could have handled @GabyRoslin Trousers tho, but they definitely brighten up everything and our mood.) #TippingPoint #LuckyStars.”

However, others were loving the bold look, with one writing: “@TippingPointITV I’d love to know where Gaby’s trackies are from #tippingpoint.”

Another added: “@GabyRoslin you so need to win #tippingpoint only if its just for how lovely your trousers are x #inthebag.”

Gaby managed to beat off her fellow competitors and make it to the final, saying: “How did that happen?”

She built up an impressive £6,000 but didn’t want to risk trading her prize pot in for the chance to have three more counters in a bid to win the jackpot token.

Gaby stuck with what she had earned, with the money going to WellChild charity.

Meanwhile Gaby previously left fans shocked when she revealed she was attacked in the street in front of her children.