The Ultimatum: Every Season 1 Couple Ranked From Least To Most Dramatic

Season 1 of Netflix’s The Ultimatum has sparked many reactions and memes. And while the couples have made their peace with one another and of course their relationships, it’s no secret that season 1 had some incredibly dramatic moments.

Netflix reality shows never shy away from intrigue and drama, and this show was no exception. For fans of love and dating reality TV, this show was one of the messiest and most heart-wrenching of them all. However, some of the show’s couples were very dramatic when interacting with one another, but which couples were the most dramatic of them all?

6 Nate And Lauren

Nate was adamant about telling the other cast members that he dreamed of being a dad. However, his major problem in his relationship with Lauren was that she wasn’t ready for that commitment. Lauren and Colby seemed like they would be a good match up until Nate dramatically announced that he wanted to marry Lauren. The other couples were still confused because their problems weren’t solved. This led to one of the best quotes about Nate’s proposal. But ultimately, they chose each other.


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At the reunion, it seemed like the other couples didn’t buy anything that Nate was saying once again, which led to a heated argument. It was very apparent that he did not get along with the other cast members. In the end, that was the most dramatic that it got for them.

5 Alexis And Hunter

Alexis and Hunter seemed to be an average couple but it was Alexis who gave an ultimatum to Hunter about getting married. Their issue stemmed from financial problems as Alexis felt she needed to be financially stable to settle down. Early on, Hunter was the first to pop the question. The other couples were surprised and this was a shocking moment on The Ultimatum. They were also supportive since that was the end goal.


Alexis made another appearance in episode 7 of the series. Her judgement of the others girls made her dramatic and her distaste for Colby kept her in the spotlight. However, she wasn’t followed like the other cast members. And Hunter was one of the least dramatic men on the show.

4 Shanique And Randall

Shanique and Randall clearly had strong feelings for one another. Randall made it clear that he didn’t want any part of the social experiment. But when it was time to switch couples, he had an obvious connection with Madlyn. They seemed to have a lot in common, which sparked heavy conflict between Shanique and Randall. They even went and met up when they weren’t supposed to, which was one of the messiest moments from The Ultimatum. 

The aftermath of this meeting led to a lack of communication, which resulted in a fight in the middle of the street. Because the couple got into so many fights, this made them dramatic. It was clear the feelings were there and that was something that they needed to work on, but the miscommunication was a big factor in their many emotional moments in the season. The dramatics were mostly on Shanique’s part.


3 Zay And Rae

Zay and Rae seemed like the most unsteady couple at first. Rae’s connection with Jake didn’t seem to shake Zay in the beginning. But when the series progressed, both of them seemed very jealous. Rae had no issue expressing her feelings towards Zay and Zay had no issue calling people out, which he did with Colby in one episode. Rae and Zay’s conflict came from their trust issues.

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According to Rae, Zay constantly accused her of having something more with Jake. But it was Zay that crossed the line with Shanique one night, which was revealed during the reunion. It brought a lot of their issues to light. They were the one couple that even got physical and broke up during the experiment, which is why they are dramatic.


2 Jake And April

April and Jake seemed to be the most sentimental couple. There was no denying that April felt strongly about her relationship with Jake. She made it known many times that this experiment was very important. She had countless emotional moments and confronted Jake various times.

It was clear that April’s relationship with Jake was unstable when his connection with Rae grew stronger and stronger. This caused one of many teary-eyed moments from April and showed fans Jake’s vulnerable side. Fans felt Jake handled this situation well. He admitted his feelings for April weren’t as strong as they once were and he ultimately chose Rae. They both tried to make their relationship work, but it ran its course. At the reunion, the couple seemed to move on from one another. April is now in a new relationship and remained the most popular cast member on The Ultimatum based on her Instagram followers.

1 Madlyn And Colby

Both Madlyn and Colby were equal parts dramatic and emotional. As fans know, they ended up being a lasting couple. This was revealed in the reunion episode as well as the final episode in which they got engaged and married all in one hour. However, the two had no problem calling each other out. Madlyn was very vocal about how she felt about Randall, even though she still loved Colby. She also often reveals her honest feelings about her relationships with other cast members, including Colby.


Colby and Madlyn ended the season with the audience wondering how they could even get married after all of the drama Colby put Madlyn through. Colby revealed one too many truths, which got him into trouble. and Madlyn struggled to figure out why Colby wasn’t communicating with her. But in the end, they both made it work and put their drama aside to become new parents.

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