The Kardashians: Kourtney Likes Tweet Calling Out Kris Jenner

Kourtney Kardashian liked a tweet calling out her mother, Kris Jenner, for not inviting her three children to her engagement party on a new episode of The Kardashians. In the episode, the Kar-Jenner clan got together to surprise Kourtney in Montecito, where Travis had planned a romantic beach proposal. The proposal took place in October, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the proposal episode since the family first announced the engagement on Instagram seven months ago. All six of the Kar-Jenner women were present, along with Travis’ three children and some of their closest friends. However, Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick and their three children were not invited.

When Kris informed her family about Travis’ upcoming proposal, all anyone seemed to ask was, how is Scott going to react? The family chose not to tell Scott about the proposal, and instead, he had to find out through social media. Since Kris wasn’t inviting Scott, she thought it would be too difficult to get the kids to Montecito for the engagement without him finding out. She also thought Kourtney’s children may be too young to attend. For reference, Travis’ youngest child is 16 years old, while Kourtney’s youngest is only 7. When Kourtney called her daughter Penelope to tell her the news, the 9-year-old burst into tears and hung up the phone.

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Kourtney seemed a little hurt that her children weren’t invited to the proposal, and after liking a recent tweet calling out Kris’ actions, it seems she definitely was upset with her mother. Reddit user fineline28 shared a screenshot of their Twitter feed showing that Kourtney had liked the tweet reprimanding Kris for excluding her children. “Awful decision on Kris’ part to not have Kourtney’s kids at the proposal.@hiimbets wrote on Twitter. “Penelope sobbing on FaceTime broke my heart!” Many The Kardashians fans agreed with the tweet and even pointed out that Travis should have made sure Kourtney’s children were there.

After the proposal, Kourtney’s younger sister Khloe, who has a close friendship with Scott, went to visit him at his house to see how he was taking the news. While he was processing the situation much better than anyone expected him to, he admitted his children were hurt. He told Khloe they were upset and couldn’t understand why they saw videos on social media of Travis’ kids at the party, but they weren’t. Luckily, Khloe assured him that their children will be invited to Kourtney and Travis’ wedding.


It seems Kris probably should have thought things over a little more before leaving her grandchildren out of their mom’s celebration. While she didn’t mean any harm, her actions had a huge impact on Kourtney’s children, and clearly, Kourtney also was hurt by Kris’ actions. Hopefully, The Kardashians stars have since moved on, and Kourtney’s kids have come to accept her engagement with Travis. However, in the future, Kris should do a better job of making sure everyone feels included in significant family events.

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