The Boys: Butcher’s Superpowers Make Him Stronger Than Captain America

The fastidious leader of The Boys‘ eponymous team, Billy Butcher, may have what it takes to absolutely trounce fan-favorite hero, Captain America. Butcher’s secret weapon to take on Supes possibly gives him an edge on the star-spangled hero.

No one in the world of The Boys hates superheroes, or Supes as he calls them, more than Billy Butcher. Believing his wife was assaulted and that her death was the fault of Vought International’s star hero Homelander, Butcher joins a clandestine group of CIA operatives meant to keep powerful heroes in line. Colloquially known as “the Boys,” Butcher and his fellow agents do everything from surveillance, to interrogation and even execution of heroes at the behest of the government. The job is dangerous work, and with the firepower the Supes bring to the table, Butcher and his friends have to resort to outside assistance in order to do their jobs.

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The newest recruit to the Boys, “Wee” Hughie Campbell, finds out for himself in the worst way how the team is able to take on Supes in The Boys #5 by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Tony Aviña, and Greg Thompson. To bring Hughie into the Boys properly, Butcher injects him with Compound V, the same material that gives the heroes in their world their powers. Billy explains to an irate Hughie that it’s necessary in order to take on Supes, lest they be easily killed by the much more powerful beings. He even explicitly says that an injection of Compound V increases strength “about fifteen to twenty times” more.

Sure, it’s impressive on its own in the scope of The Boys’ universe. But when compared to the official stats of other heroes, it’s amazing to see how someone like Billy Butcher would compare. Take Captain America, for example, who has been designated as a “peak human” and whose abilities far exceed what an average person can do. According to Marvel, his upper limit for weight lifting is 800 pounds. Now Butcher was already a big guy before he took Compound V. So if he could lift, say, 135 pounds before his injection, then at a minimum, his strength would be augmented so he could lift over a literal ton with 2025 pounds, shattering Steve Rogers’ record.

Again, this is impressive. And for the world of The Boys, such power is an absolute necessity when taking on morally deficient Supes. Now, is it fair to say that Cap would be beaten in a fight between him and Butcher? It’s hard to know for certain, considering Butcher regularly takes on Supes of all stripes with a near-perfect record. Then again, Steve regularly fights villains who outclass him in strength, speed and raw power all the time. Still, it’s interesting to see two comic figures who both get their powers from pharmaceutical enhancements have strict limits to how much they’ve improved, even if that means Rogers comes in second. Captain America should just consider himself lucky that Billy Butcher only has eyes for The Boys‘ patriotic superhero.


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