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Summer House season 6 has come to an end, and while it has been full of drama, fans think the show needs a recast. Many viewers agree that Summer House, as of late, is very different from the first few seasons. Many of the original cast members, such as Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, and Amanda Batula, are still the main characters of the show. However, newer cast members like Paige DeSorbo, Luke Gulbranson, Ciara Miller, Alex Wach, Andrea Denver, and Mya Allen add a different dynamic to the mix.

Summer House fans loved the original premise of the show, which was a real group of friends spending their summer weekends in The Hamptons. The cast was often messy, but their genuine connection kept the show real. Lindsay was dating Everett Weston during Summer House season 1, and their volatile relationship kept fans intrigued. Carl and Everett were originally good friends, but after Everett left, Lindsay and Carl developed a deeper bond. Amanda was introduced to Summer House as a casual hook-up of Kyle’s, but she eventually became a full cast member when they decided to make their relationship official.

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After the end of Summer House season 6, fans think that the show has gone downhill in terms of cast decisions and content. The cast from the earlier seasons all had real connections to each other, and the storylines revolved around their genuine relationships. The later cast additions seem awkward and forced, some even planted by production. Luke joined Summer House season 4 as Kyle’s friend. However, he seemed to have no real connection to the Loverboy creator, and other than his drama with former castmate Hannah Berner and his good looks, he brings nothing to the show.

Fans of Summer House are also tired of the constant drama between veterans Kyle and Amanda. Many fans have wondered if their fights are staged as they seem to bicker and then make up, only to do it all over again. Summer House had its fair share of drama in the beginning seasons, but fans loved watching the light-hearted fun the cast would have in The Hamptons. Viewers are also bored of watching the younger crew like Paige, Amanda, and Ciara lay around in bed while Lindsay and Danielle, who are older, go out and party.

Summer House season 1 started with a core group of friends who actually partied together in The Hamptons on the weekends. Now, it seems as if production has randomly thrown people into the mix for aesthetic reasons. Summer House season 6 newcomer Alex Wach was a promising addition to the cast, but he didn’t bring enough energy to the show and was cut from some scenes. Fans are still invested in Summer House, but perhaps Bravo needs to shake things up a little with some new cast members.


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