New Starship Troopers Sequel ‘Navigator’ Sees Aliens & Humans Team Up

An unexpected intergalactic adventure is coming for fans of Starship TroopersNavigator is a sci-fi graphic novel based on a screenplay which was intended to be a sequel to the cult classic. While the film did receive a few sequels, this graphic novel tells a story that fans certainly wouldn’t have expected.

Released in 1997, Starship Troopers has gained a cult following. The film criticizes military propaganda and fascism, though it is also appreciated for its classic science fiction theme of war against extraterrestrial insectoids. Based up on the novel of the same name by Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers spawned two live-action sequels and two animated sequels, as well as video games. Now, an unused screenplay for the franchise is seeing new life in this upcoming graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics.

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Navigator‘s original story has the creative team of John Bruno, William Wisher, Steve Burg, and Ron Thornton. This graphic novel is being illustrated by Jodi Armengol. The original screenplay was written by Bruno and Wisher, based on an original story by Bruno, Burg, and Thornton. Bruno is an Academy Award-winning visual effects artist and director known for his work on AvatarTerminator 2, and The Abyss. The story brings together humans with an alien who could be a very useful ally, instead of a stereotypical extraterrestrial foe.

An alien navigator, captured in battle on Jupiter’s fourth moon, Europa, seeks sanctuary. In return, the alien will provide his advanced technology to help defend humankind from the alien force that enslaved him and has come to destroy us. In this backdrop is a story of love and reconciliation between a young Marine officer – placed in command of Earth’s forces – his estranged wife, and Amy, the daughter he’s never met.

Thus far, there aren’t very many details about the story, though if it is based on Starship Troopers, it seems possible that one of the film’s characters could return to be the young Marine officer. If this isn’t the case, then it might follow a new character within the United Citizen Federation who is in the thick of fighting the Arachnid threat. Since this graphic novel is no longer an official Starship Troopers story, it has the freedom of taking whatever direction it chooses to fit the story’s needs. Hopefully it sticks to a lot of the themes that have made Starship Troopers such an enjoyable experience.


This Dark Horse Comics graphic novel has the potential to take fans in a completely new direction from what the films have done. It also has the chance to pull from the original novel, which included another alien species within it. The “Skinnies” were allies of the Bugs who eventually delivered information to humans to aid them in their fight against the insectoids. The Skinnies were never seen within the films, making them a valuable source for a potential ally in a sequel story. Considering the threat the Arachnids pose, having allies and means of making advances in the war would make a lot of sense. The presence of an alien ally seems to hint at this possibility.

Whether this graphic novel will make use of this original Starship Troopers story element remains to be seen, but it is clear from the description that it will take a very different path than the film’s actual sequels did.  Fans will be able to see what may have been when Navigator becomes available early next year, retailing in comic stores on January 18 and in bookstores January 31.

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