Star Wars Characters As Horror Movie Monsters Will Give You Nightmares

Recently shared art of Star Wars characters redesigned as horror movie monsters is the stuff of nightmares. Created by George Lucas in 1977, Star Wars was meant to be an ode to the serial films of old, with Lucas taking his inspiration from Flash Gordon and John Carter of Mars to help fuel his sci-fi extravaganza. The franchise was meant to be an adventurous, serialized yarn from the beginning, but it took some dark turns along the way, featuring themes, characters, and creatures that weren’t always viewed as family-friendly.

Characters like Darth Vader, a cyborg Sith Lord, as well as the horrifically disfigured Emperor Palpatine have always felt properly evil and looked the part. But the Star Wars universe has also always been populated with alien creatures ranging from the cute to the bizarre to the downright frightening. Even with some of the scariest creatures in the franchise, however, the films have played thematically to a PG-themed crowd, never going too far into dark territory that it felt like horror, even if the events, characters, and creatures could easily fit that mold with some minor tweaks.

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Digital artist Rob Sheridan took that idea and has recreated the many characters and creatures of the Star Wars universe into horror-themed monstrosities that are sure to leave anyone who sees them with nightmares. Sheridan’s intent was to celebrate May The Fourth by taking a batch of popular Star Wars characters and re-imagining them “as a cosmic body horror film” that takes place in “an unholy nether realm far, far away.” The results are indeed nightmarish, as Sheridan distorts, scars, morphs, and gore-ifies all the fan favorites, from Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker to Chewbacca to Yoda to Boba Fett to C-3PO and even The Ewoks. Take a look below at Sheridan’s frightening creations from a galaxy far, far away:

While Sheridan’s art is both beautiful and terrifying, it’s not the first time Star Wars has been mixed with the horror genre. There have been a number of horror-centric stories, episodes, and even moments from the films that qualify as part of the genre, including the stormtrooper/zombie book Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber. Prior to that, a series of young adult books released in the 90s, called Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, meant to ape the success of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps, were released, featuring such titles as City of the Dead, Army of Terror, The Nightmare Machine, and The Brain Spiders (amongst others).

While one can argue that Star Wars is meant for all audiences and fits squarely in the sci-fi genre, there’s a significant amount of content throughout the franchise – be it in books, animated shows, live-action shows, or feature films – that could easily qualify as horror. Most kids who grew up with Star Wars likely had one nightmare or another about something from the series, be it the Sarlacc Pit, The Rancor, The Wampa, or even The Ewoks, depending on varying sensibilities. With Sheridan’s Star Wars digital art project now on display for all to see, it’s now hard to imagine avoiding a nightmare.

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Source: Rob Sheridan