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A new Spider-Man video celebrates the 20th anniversary of Sam Raimi’s original film. Released in 2002, Raimi’s Spider-Man introduces audiences to Tobey Maguire’s take on Peter Parker and chronicles the character’s journey to becoming Spider-Man. The film remains one of the most formative and influential superhero movies of all time and was a smash hit at the box office, earning over $825 million worldwide.

Raimi and Maguire would go on to reteam for two additional films, the beloved Spider-Man 2 in 2004 and the divisive Spider-Man 3 in 2007. In addition to Maguire’s Peter, Spider-Man introduced audiences to Kirsten Dunst’s MJ, James Franco’s Harry Osborn, and Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, the film’s villain. Both Maguire and Dafoe recently returned to their respective roles in Spider-Man: No Way Home this past December. Both characters’ returns were highly praised by fans, with many still considering Maguire to be the best Spider-Man and Dafoe’s Green Goblin to be one of the franchise’s best villains.

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In a new post, the official Spider-Man: No Way Home Twitter account celebrates the 20th anniversary of Raimi’s original film, which was released on May 3rd, 2002. The post features a video compilation of three memorable moments from the film arranged in the style of a comic book panel. The scenes featured in the celebratory tweet include Spider-Man’s iconic upside-down kiss with MJ in the rain, the Times Square balloon battle between Spider-Man and Green Goblin, and Spider-Man’s close call with Green Goblin’s razor bats in the burning building. Check out the tweet below:

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For many, the original Spider-Man holds a special place in the pantheon of superhero movies. While Spider-Man 2 is often considered the superior film, the superhero movie landscape of today would be vastly different without Raimi’s 2002 original. The tweet also includes a link to an official Sony website dedicated to “Celebrating 20 years of Spider-Man at the Movies,” where fans have the opportunity to buy any and all Spider-Man movies up to 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The impact that Spider-Man had on the future of superhero movies can’t be understated and the fact that the film remains popular and beloved even today speaks to Maguire’s take on the character and Raimi’s unique interpretation of the source material. Of course, with Maguire’s recent appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Raimi’s own return to the superhero genre with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, many fans are expressing a desire to see the two reunite for Spider-Man 4, which both actor and director seem open to. While the future of Maguire’s take on the character remains uncertain, 2002’s Spider-Man clearly still resonates and has a special place in the hearts of fans everywhere.

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Source: Spider-Man: No Way Home/ Twitter