What To Do If Snapchat Won’t Let You Log In To Your Account

Snapchat users having issues logging in to their account can try to troubleshoot in a number of different ways. Snapchat not only offers a slew of features as a social media platform and an instant messaging app, but also offers integrations with services such as YouTube, allowing users to share videos and songs from YouTube and YouTube Music. Its parent company Snap also sells a plethora of gadgets and gizmos, including the ‘Spectacles’ AR glasses and Snapchat Pixy drone.

Having originally started out as an ephemeral messaging app almost a decade ago, Snapchat is now one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Over the years, the app has also rolled out innovative new features, such as Stories, AR selfie filters, Nametag, and the Discover feed that have since been copied by the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Its basic premise of disappearing messages has also been incorporated by several instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and others.

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As explained by Snapchat, users having problems logging into their accounts should first ensure that they’re using the correct username and password. The app displays a ‘User Not Found‘ error message if either the username or password is incorrect or misspelled. Another basic troubleshooting tip is to check the internet connection and make sure that it’s working as expected. Users can try reconnecting to their Wi-Fi or mobile data service if they’re having trouble with their connection. Snapchat also shows a ‘Could Not Connect‘ error message if it detects an unauthorized app or plugin. In this case, uninstall the unauthorized software and use only the official Snapchat app without any third-party add-ons.

Another tip for troubleshooting connectivity issues is to avoid using a VPN, as this may sometimes cause problems with logging in. Android users should also note that rooted devices cannot be used to log into Snapchat or create an account on the app. Users trying to log into Snapchat from a rooted device may see a ‘Login Error‘ message. In that case, either try and log in using a different device or un-root that phone, uninstall third-party apps and plugins, reinstall the official Snapchat app, and try again.

Another troubleshooting tip is to try and log into the app with the username instead of the email address. This is especially true in the case of deleted accounts that can only be logged into using the username. The app shows a ‘User Not Found‘ message if a user tries to log in to a deleted account using an email address. If the account was deleted less than 30 days ago, simply logging in using the username and password will reactivate the account. However, 30 days after deletion, accounts are permanently deleted with no way to recover them.


The final reason why users may have a problem recovering their account is if it has been locked out by Snapchat. If the lock is temporary, users can try logging in from the app and choose the ‘Unlock’ option. However, if the account has been permanently locked, it cannot be recovered. According to Snapchat, there are a number of reasons why an account might be locked. That includes using third-party apps or plugins, sending spam or indulging in behavior that goes against the company’s community guidelines, or if Snapchat detects suspicious activities originating from the account.

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