Siesta Key: Sam Logan Responds To Ex’s Pregnancy In Deleted Comment

Siesta Key star Sam Logan responded to his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy announcement in a now-deleted Instagram comment. Sam’s ex Brittany Russell made a quick appearance on the reality show during the season 4A finale when she met up with stars Amanda Miller and Mike Vazquez for dinner. According to Brittany, Sam had been going around telling people that if she got married, he would show up at the wedding to stop it. At the time, he was still dating Juliette Porter, so the rumor was shocking. There had been rumors floating around throughout the season that Sam had always planned on getting back with Brittany and marrying her and that he never actually saw a future with Juliette.

However, Brittany has not appeared in the current Siesta Key season, and Sam seems determined to get back with Juliette instead. Sam and Juliette’s breakup has been the focus of the new season, and Sam has been doing everything in his power to keep his fans talking about him. The Florida-born billionaire regularly trashes Juliette on social media while hyping up co-star Jordana Barnes, whom he claimed to be dating on Instagram. He also hosts a podcast where he’s had guests like Meghan Bischoff, who has since unfollowed and blocked him on Instagram. However, nothing has stopped Sam from promoting himself online and tearing down any Siesta Key co-stars that he is not a fan of, including Juliette’s good friend Chloe Trautman.

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In a since-deleted Instagram comment, Sam joked about what a year it’s been with all the good things happening for his ex-girlfriends. He commented on a post by mtv_reality_teaa on Instagram, which was reshared by Mtv_reality_tea on Reddit. The Siesta Key star wrote, “Whoot! What a year of hearing about my exes,” seemingly also shading Juliette. After her split from Sam, Juliette quickly moved on to realtor Clark Drum, whom she brought as her date to co-star Madisson Hausberg’s wedding. The storyline of her and Clark meeting will be coming up on the show very soon.

Luckily, Sam was kind enough to add, “Lol but they’re both great people and I wish them the best. He’s been nothing but cordial/cool every time we see one another.” It’s unclear if Sam was sending well wishes to Juliette as well or just Brittany and her partner. Juliette has also been doing well in other areas of life besides dating. The star founded her own swimsuit line called JMP The Label, despite discouragement from castmates who thought she didn’t have the determination or work ethic to follow through. The company also caused strains between her and her ex-best friend Kelsey Owens, who felt Juliette was competing with her own swimsuit line, which no longer seems to be in business.


It seems that Sam is not yet ready to put his shady comments behind him and move forward. However, it was nice of him to send well wishes to the expecting couple. As for Juliette, he may not be ready to forgive his ex for moving on so quickly after their split, despite him seemingly doing the same thing. Siesta Key fans will likely see many more of Sam’s opinions on social media as it appears to be his favorite pastime.

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