Shocking! Wife and her lover murdered with screwdriver

Shocking! A 49-year-old man has been found to be guilty of murdering wife and her lover in Hyderabad’s Rachakonda district. The man has been identified as Srinivas Rao.

According to police reports, the man committed the crime after feeling disgusted and humiliated by the deeds of his wife. The victims have been identified as E.Yashwanth (22), a cab driver and Jyothi (28), a homemaker.

Yashwanth and Jyothi had an extramarital affair. Despite getting caught and warned by her husband, the latter continued the affair which left Srinivas enraged.


When the husband found out about the affair and expressed objection, the lady threatened to leave him. He then proposed the idea that all of them move back to Vijayawada, the wife’s native place. Three of them went via two bikes. Midway, they took a halt where the lady asked to be left alone with her lover.

In the hour of silence, taking advantage of the moment, Srinivas began hitting the both with boulders and stones. While Jyothi has been said to have died on spot, Yashwanth passed away moments later, after being stabbed with a screwdriver. Leaving both the bodies in an isolated area, the accused fled away from the scene.

Soon after the incident, police arrested the accused and handed him over to judicial custody.


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