Roblox He-Man Sim: How to Get More Jewels & Kirbinite

Jewels and Kirbinite are the primary currencies used in the Roblox He-Man Sim, a hot and new game mode where Roblox players can play as their favorite character from the Masters of the Universe franchise. However, when players first get started, they will only be able to control and play as He-man. To play as other available Masters, such as Evil-Lyn, Skeletor, or Battle Cat, fans will need to procure a specific amount of Kirbinite or Jewel currency in Roblox.

The easiest and most straightforward way to get Kirbinite would be to purchase it from the in-game shop, where Roblox fans can choose from packs of Kirbinite × 40 to Kirbinite × 4,200. Likewise, players will need to spend from Robux × 25 to Robux × 1,999 to acquire the different offers of Kirbinite. While there will be He-man fans who will quickly accept these deals, some players might prefer to earn their Kirbinite for free. Fortunately, there are several ways to earn both Jewels and Kirbinite in Roblox He-Man Sim.

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Quests are one of the primary sources of earning Kirbinite in Roblox He-Man Sim. Players can receive missions from the zone’s Mission Boards and certain NPCs. These quests include tasks such as “Play as He-man for 15 minutes” or “Play as Skeletor for 15 minutes.” Some quests will reward players with Kirbinite, while others offer Jewels in Roblox. For instance, completing all the Daily Quests will net fans 500 Gems. As for quest-giving NPCs, players will start finding these characters within the Castle Grayskull area.

Opening Treasure Chests is not only a way to complete Mission Board quests in Roblox He-Man Sim but grants players several Jewels as well. Chests can be found near NPCs, within challenge areas, and in other locations throughout the game world.

The third way to earn more Jewels in Roblox He-Man Sim is by slaying enemies. For instance, the Level 3 enemy mobs in the starting area can drop several dozen Jewels if players manage to clear them all. The fourth technique of getting Jewels is by unlocking in-game achievements in Roblox. Such achievements are obtained by performing specific actions like interacting with the statue of the Eldress inside Castle Grayskull or entering a bathroom in Castle Grayskull. Once players have earned enough Jewels, they will be able to unlock new Masters to play as. Additionally, Kirbinite can be spent on getting new rare skins for He-man and Pins, which function as Emotes.


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Roblox is available on PC, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.