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Pokémon Players Argue for Raichu Buffs 26 Years After Introduction



Some Pokémon players are now arguing for Raichu to receive a stat buff – 26 years after its debut. As the evolved form of series mascot Pikachu, the mouse Pokémon enjoys a healthy level of popularity with appearances in almost every Pokémon game to date, as well as featuring in the anime, movies, and more.

Behind every Pokémon is a set of random stats that dictate its capabilities in battle. Values for HP, Attack, Speed, and the like can be raised by leveling up, consuming certain items, and through EV training. EV training provides a small bonus to raising certain Pokémon stats after defeating a pocket monster, with each Pokémon species being related to a specific stat. Furthermore, each Pokémon has a cap on the total number of stat points it can have, which is again determined by species. In this sense, it can be argued that some Pokémon are inherently better than others, at least in battle. As such, it is important for any serious Trainer to maintain a decent understanding of Pokémon‘s stat mechanics.

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Raichu currently has a stat total of 485, which can be considered a little underwhelming when compared to the franchise’s Starter Pokémon, whose final forms typically have stat totals falling between 525 (like Venusaur) and 534 (Charizard). The vast majority have 530 stat points, and this is the number that Reddit user diegomenagin14 argues that Raichu should have as well, stating that the pocket monster deserves a buff (via Dexerto). They note: “Given how important it is I think [Raichu] should have the stat total of a starter Pokémon,” pointing out that the evolutions of Eevee already share similar stat totals. Eevee and Pikachu are both Starter Pokémon in their own right thanks to titles like Pokémon Yellow and the Pokémon: Let’s Go games, and considering Pikachu’s own prolific nature and popularity, it would make sense to have the famous Electric-type’s evolution have a comparable standing to other Starters. As seen in the comments of the post, the Redditor isn’t the only one who believes Raichu deserved a buff.

diegomenagin14’s argument for Pokémon‘s Raichu has sparked debates both for and against a buff. Proponents for the idea echo sentiments over the power disparity, with some bemoaning the middle-tier nature of many Starters in competitive play. Others have pointed out that with the right moveset, Raichu is quite well balanced as-is, particularly in a support role. Between its speed and moves like Nuzzle, which allows Raichu to easily paralyze opponents, a raise in stats might not be all that necessary. Furthermore, Raichu has in fact already received a stat boost; its base speed was increased from 100 to 110 in Generation 6, a significant boost for a Pokémon evolutionary line already focused on speed.


Unfortunately for some, it seems a little unlikely that Raichu will receive a second buff to its stats when its combat potential is already satisfactory for many Pokémon players. The current discussion appears to be ultimately born of a desire to see Raichu become more viable for an offense-oriented role in competitive play, despite its status moves and speed already allowing it to debilitate many Pokémon. And as Pokémon needs to maintain variety and game balance for competitive play, the status quo seems unlikely to change any time soon. In the end, the issue mostly comes down to battle style and personal preference, although it is true that Raichu seems a step behind on paper, in part thanks to the Pokémon’s non-standard Starter status.

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Source: diegomenagin14/Reddit (via Dexerto)


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