How To Leave Notkin & Kahn’s House In Pathologic 2 (All Candle Locations)

Inside the Broken Heart pub on Day 3 in Pathologic 2, Artemy will encounter Notkin and Khan, who plan to enter the “House of Death” in the Crude Sprawl district. Curious about the myth regarding Death resting in an abandoned home, the two wish to investigate if this legend is true. The protagonist can try to convince the duo from their treacherous endeavor in this survival horror, yet they will venture into Crude Sprawl regardless of what the player does.

Of course, it is possible for Pathologic 2 players to completely ignore Notkin and Khan’s plan and continue on with their playthrough. However, suppose the protagonist fails to visit the House of Death to aid Notkin and Khan in their investigation. In that case, this event quest will become permanently inaccessible, and the Crude Sprawl district will become infected. Furthermore, Khan will remain in the Polyhedron until Day 10 unless Artemy saves the Crude Sprawl, after which Khan will relocate to the Nutshell. On the other hand, Notkin will become inevitably infected during the story of this survival horror immersive sim.

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To find Death’s House with Notkin and Khan, players can follow the quest marker into the Crude Sprawl. The abandoned building will be nearby a barrel wagon past a small brick archway. Upon entering, the door will mysteriously lock behind the protagonist, restricting them from leaving until they’ve completed the quest of preventing Death from inflicting the district in Pathologic 2.

After entering Notkin and Khan’s house, head upstairs and down the first hallway. Next, go into the last room on the left to find the two boys hiding inside. Once Pathologic 2 players exhaust any important dialogue with the two, they will need to begin their objective of lighting candles to leave the House of Death and prevent the surrounding district from becoming infected. There are a total of six candles that survival horror players must find.

Pathologic 2 fans will need to light the candles with matches, which can be found throughout the building. However, be alert, as the face of Death haunts the home’s interior and appears on its walls with a bloodstain-like mark. Players can recognize when Death is close by a grim pulsing growl and scraping sounds along the nearby walls. Therefore, avoid staying too long and use the hand-held lamp to get around the dimly lit areas. Below are the six locations of the “House of Death” candles in Pathologic 2:

  • The first candle is in the same room as Notkin and Khan.
  • The second candle is in the adjacent room to the left.
  • The third candle is at the start of the second hallway on a wall shelf on the left; this candle is easy to miss in this survival horror game.
  • The fourth candle is atop a desk within the second room down the next corridor.
  • The fifth candle is on the first floor in the room to the right of the staircase.
  • The sixth candle is in the first room on the left down the first floor’s hallway.

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Pathologic 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.