Ogbomosho: Man Breaks Into Soun’s Palace, Declares Himself King

A yet-to-be identified man on Thursday broke into the palace of Soun of Ogbomosho and laid claim to the throne.

Naija News recalls that the last Soun passed away in December 2021 at the age of 95.

A palace chief, Sheu Ayinla who is the Aremole of Ogbomosoland, said the culprit attacked and knocked off his teeth during the attack, claiming that he is the new Soun.


He said: “ I was in the palace and just called a food vendor when I saw the man ramping up towards the palace court.

“I demanded what he wanted but he muttered inaudibly. I stood up, leaving my meal. That was when he made for me.

“I wanted to escape but I fell. He pinned me down and started punching me. In the process, I lost two teeth.”


A witness who spoke on the basis of anonymity told the Nation that the man had violently stormed that palace shouting that he is the new oba.

He said: “The man was shouting, ‘I must sit on that throne today; I am your next Oba, you have no Oba.

“I am your new Oba, where is the crown? He broke the glass to the palace but the iron bars prevented him from gaining access. He then tried a back door but could not gain entry. “


Palace Secretary Toyin Ajamu said there was no need for panic as there was no crowns to be stolen from the palace.

Ajamu, in a statement, said: “To put the record straight, there was no crown at the palace as the seat of Soun of Ogbomoso land is presently vacant with no crown and nothing whatsoever is being stolen except that he destroyed the main entrance aluminium sliding doors and exit door leading to Soun’s administrative office from the palace.

“Members of the public are hereby advised to ignore the rumours peddling around that he(intruder) was at the palace to steal crowns or any property.”


This article was originally published on Nigeria News