‘Nnamdi Kanu’s Men Killed Imo Military Couple’ – Asari Dokubo

The Indigenous People of Biafra have been accused by former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo of being responsible for the death of a military couple killed in Imo State.

Naija News had earlier reported that the military couple identified Gloria Matthew and Audu Linus were killed and behead while on their way to their traditional wedding.

The incident has been widely condemned with the Nigerian Army accusing IPOB of being responsible for their murder.

An allegation which has since been denied by the group who in turn accused the military of blackmail.


IPOB in its reaction claimed that the military is responsible for the death of its officers.

President Muhammadu Buhari who also reacted to the incident called on security operatives to arrest the gunmen responsible for their killing.

Dokubo in a live video on Facebook on Thursday claimed that the military couple were killed by gunmen belonging to IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.


The former militant leader condemned the killing of the lady who he claims is an Igbo woman.

Dokubo said, “This lady is an Igbo woman. She was killed. We keep on living in denial because we are afraid of confronting these people. We see them celebrate every day – the activities of the so-called unknown soldiers. These people are no other people than Nnamdi Kanu’s men who have been let loose to turn Ndigbo, Alaigbo into a desert. It’s so sad.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News