NERC Recruitment 2022 Application Update

~  NERC Recruitment Application Update  ~

The commission announced the recruitment in a notice signed by its management on Monday.


Interested candidates can apply online @ on or before date 15th June, 2022.

Some of the roles that need to be performed include senior management positions, compliance duties; Deputy Director-General for Legal Affairs; Chief Executive, Tariffs and Rates; manager assistant; Customer complaints and guides, market analysis and competition.

NERC stated that the selected candidates will be recruited in various departments, including market and competition analysis, usage setting, electrical engineering, consumer protection, finance and accounting, data collection and analysis.
Applicants only need to submit one application and multiple applications will be disqualified.

NERC also stated that only shortlisted candidates will be recruited for the next recruitment process.


“Applicants should note that this is a fully online application process and that no paperwork application or CV should be sent to the Commission,” the report said.

Eligible candidates are invited to apply to join our team in developing an exciting Nigerian validation career. The energy supply industry in this position.

Recent 2022 Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission Recruitment Notices:

  1. Principal Manager, Internal Audit
  2. Senior Manager, Internal Audit
  3. Analyst I – Human Resources
  4. Principal Manager, Protocol
  5. Analyst I, Data Aggregation Platform (DAP)
  6. Analyst I – Licensing
  7. Principal Manager – Tariff and Rates
  8. Principal Manager, Corporate Planning Strategy
  9. Assistant Manager – Customer Complaints
  10. Analyst I, Research Analytics
  11. Principal Manager – Legal
  12. Assistant Manager – Generation Safety
  13. Analyst I – Software / IT Support
  14. Deputy General Manager, Communication
  15. Analyst I, Accounts
  16. Analyst I – Customer Complaints
  17. Principal Manager, Renewable Energy
  18. Principal Manager – Compliance
  19. Senior Manager – Tariff and Rates
  20. Senior Manager, System Planning
  21. Analyst II – IT Support
  22. Analyst I – Consumer Enlightenment and Education
  23. Analyst II, Accounts
  24. Senior Manager – Compliance
  25. Analyst II, Front Desk Officer
  26. Assistant Manager, New Media
  27. Senior Manager, Transmission Services
  28. Analyst I – Customer Service Standards
  29. Principal Manager – Research (Data Aggregation Platform)
  30. Manager – Tariff and Rates
  31. Analyst I, Front Desk Officer
  32. Manager – Performance Monitoring
  33. Assistant Manager – Customer Service Standards
  34. Manager, New Media
  35. Manager – Generation Services
  36. Assistant Manager – Corporate Planning and Strategy (CPS)
  37. Assistant Manager – Metering Standards
  38. Deputy General Manager – Legal
  39. Assistant Manager – Accounts
  40. Manager, Transmission System Operations
  41. Assistant Manager – Tariff and Rates
  42. Assistant Manager – Compliance
  43. Manager – Metering Standards
  44. Manager – Accounts
  45. Manager – Regulatory Financial Reporting Analysis
  46. Assistant Manager – Regulatory Financial Reporting Analysis
  47. Senior Manager – Regulatory Financial Reporting Analysis
  48. Analyst I – Market Analysis and Competition
  49. Senior Manager – Market Analysis and Competition
  50. Assistant Manager – Network Safety
  51. Assistant Manager – Market Analysis and Competition
  52. Manager, Engineering Standards
  53. Manager – Market Analysis and Competition
  54. Assistant Manager – Generation Services
  55. Assistant Manager – Research Analytics
  56. Analyst I – Tariff and Rates
  57. Senior Manager, Distribution

Validity of the application
12:00 midnight: July 15, 2022

Official Portal:

If you are interested in a full professional career at NERC, please log on to and follow the instructions for application or visit


NERC Recruitment (57 Positions) Apply Online

If you have a desire to excel in a professional work setting, then seize this opportunity by submitting your
application to work with NERC

If you are interested in working with the Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), kindly submit your application via this link


Click on the ‘Vacancies’ dropdown menu while on the NERC career page. This would enable you to view the list of available positions. Read thedescription of the job and click on ‘Apply’ button to apply for them.

  • Applicants should please note that this is a completely online application process, and no paper application and CVS should be sent to the Commission.
  • Applicants are required to submit only one (1) application and as a result of multiple applications the applicant will be disqualified.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the next recruitment process.

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