Moon Knight BTS Video Breaks Down Oscar Isaac’s Marc & Steven Scenes

A new behind-the-scenes video from Marvel’s Moon Knight offers an in-depth breakdown of how the show’s Steven and Marc scenes were created. As Marvel continue to expand their lineup of MCU adjacent TV series, Moon Knight is the studio’s most recent addition, having released on Disney+ back in March. Across its six-episode run, audiences were introduced to Steven Grant and Marc Spector, both played by Oscar Isaac, who are granted a variety of superhuman abilities after making a deal with the Egyptian god, Khonshu. Moon Knight also welcomed Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy to the MCU, as Arthur Harrow and Layla El-Faouly, respectively.

While the show initially followed Steven, a timid gift shop worker living in London, the final moments of Moon Knight episode 1 introduced Marc Spector, an ex-mercenary, and his vigilante alter-ego. Both Steven and Marc are two alters within a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) system, with the show often seeing the pair interact with one another through reflective surfaces. The show’s later episodes, however, saw Steven and Marc come face to face as they sought to balance the scales that would determine their entry into the field of reeds, with Isaac acting opposite himself to capture these scenes.

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Shared by Marvel, a new video goes behind the scenes of some of Moon Knight‘s VFX work, with the series’ VFX supervisor Sean Faden talking through some of the more memorable scenes involving Marc and Steven. Faden discusses some of the various techniques that were employed throughout the series to make Isaac’s dual performance as seamless as possible, including using the actor’s brother as a stand-in, as well as revealing how Isaac used an earpiece to hear his performance. Faden also offered some interesting VFX trivia for Moon Knight, calling episode 1’s mirror scene one of the more complicated set-ups within the series. Check out the video below.

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Isaac’s brother, Michael Benjamin Hernandez, previously discussed being the actor’s body double and revealed that he even donned a prosthetic nose similar to Isaac’s in order to keep any over-the-shoulder shots as authentic-looking as possible. While Moon Knight‘s key focus was on its two protagonists Marc and Steven, the final episode’s end credits scene confirmed the much-anticipated existence of another alter, Jake Lockley. Though Isaac has been hailed for his performance within the Disney+ series and the challenging nature of portraying the two characters, the future of Moon Knight within the MCU remains unclear.

Behind-the-scenes videos such as this, which offer a look at the hard work that goes on from the other side of the camera on projects such as Moon Knight, are incredibly eye-opening. Often, the VFX work on more realistic-looking scenes can go somewhat unnoticed, particularly when they offer such a seamless final result. However, this clip proves how much impressive skill went into creating Isaac’s Marc and Stephen scenes, in addition to the actor’s stellar performance. With Lockley having been confirmed as a third alter, the return of Moon Knight could make for an all-new challenge for both Isaac and the series’ VFX team, should the three ever appear alongside one another in the future.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment