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The new MCU Disney+ series Moon Knight is a unique take on the superhero story, especially in terms of its lead hero. However, it still features many of the usual aspects of the genre with the battle against the bad guys and saving the world. This obviously requires a lot of bravery on behalf of the characters.

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Some characters step up to the challenge in any dangerous situation whereas others aren’t too good at hiding their fear. And even the more unlikeable characters show moments in which they have courage despite the rest of their flaws. It makes for an interesting collection of Moon Knight‘s bravest characters.


8 Steven Grant

Steven Grant is the audience’s introduction to this world and he could not feel more out of place in a superhero story. He is a humble museum worker who is something of a social outcast despite his best attempts to be friendly.

But soon Steven finds himself in the midst of a deadly battle between ancient gods of which he has no interest in being a part. He is constantly trying to run from danger, surrender to whatever the demands of the villains are, and just keep himself out of harm’s way. Even though he finds a little more courage later on, he still makes for a very different kind of hero.

7 Anton Mogart

Anton Mogart is a minor villain in season 1, operating as a black market art dealer. He doesn’t come off as particularly brave or scared as he lives a life of luxury and seems to have everything brought to him.


However, he also seems to fancy himself as something of a fighter, training alongside his hired goons. When Moon Knight shows up, Mogart is brave enough to try and take on the formidable warrior on his own. It might be a fearless act on his part, but it is also likely a lot of arrogance. In any case, it is misplaced and he is defeated with ease.

6 Ammit


Ammit serves as the big threat in the final episode of the season as Harrow releases her to collect all the corrupt souls around the world. She is a god of immense power yet she seems to pretty much rely on everyone else to do her bidding for her.


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She basically sits back and collects the souls as they come in. Though she does battle Khonshu when he tries to stop her, Ammit also seems to be more interested in trying to explain her position and reason with her enemies. In a way, that shows a different type of bravery, but it is hard to ignore just how inactive she seems to be.

5 Tawaret

When Marc and Steven arrive in the afterlife, they are introduced to their guide, Tawaret. Unlike the other intimidating gods, Tawaret is quite friendly and very helpful even as the situation grows more serious for the heroes.


While Tawaret is mostly just there to give guidance and explain the afterlife rules to Marc and Steven, she takes a liking to them over time and even breaks the rules to help them escape the afterlife and save the day.

4 Arthur Harrow

Arthur Harrow is one of those complex and fascinating villains who very much sees himself as the hero of the story. He believes it is his duty to release Ammit so the world can be rid of the corrupt souls and only the pure of heart are left standing. And he sees himself merely as a tool for accomplishing this.

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Harrow might have plenty of followers who are ready to fight for him, but he is not someone who is looking to save himself. Once he releases Ammit, Harrow fully expects that he will be one of the corrupt souls that will need to be wiped out and he accepts this fate without hesitation, even suggesting some of his followers would be a better avatar than him.

3 Khonshu

Khonshu is another of the gods who relies on his avatars to do his bidding on Earth. He is also a very manipulative being who doesn’t care at all about the sacrifices Marc and the others have to make.

However, Khonshu’s mission is ultimately a good one as he is attempting to stop Ammit from taking control of Earth and its people. And just because he needs an avatar to do most of his work, it doesn’t mean that Khonshu isn’t also willing to put himself in harm’s way. He willingly disobeys the other gods and becomes trapped in stone in order to allow Marc and Steven to continue the fight.


2 Marc Spector

Compared to Steven Grant, Marc Spector is a much more typical kind of hero. He is a mercenary who has faced countless deadly situations and battled powerful enemies, but he is always ready for the next fight no matter what.

But while Marc is seemingly fearless in battle, his bravery escapes him when confronting his past. Trauma from his childhood still deeply affects him now and he has hidden from it for so long. When he is finally able to confront it and forgive himself, the true power in Marc is shown.

1 Layla El-Faouly

While the season finale of Moon Knight sees Layla become something of a superhero herself, she was plenty heroic without any special abilities. While Marc has the powers of Khonshu to help him, Layla would run into the same dangerous situations without hesitation and without superpowers.


She has endless determination within her that she can face any challenge in her quest to save the day. It is not hard to see her headlining her own superhero adventure somewhere down the line as she clearly has the skills for it.

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