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Minecraft has become a game larger in scope than many others, growing far beyond its origins for over a decade, with some of its massive list of mobs and creatures that can make for interesting allies. The animals of the Minecraft world come in all shapes and sizes, varying not only in look but also in utility. With updates being released for Minecraft every year, the catalog of features and creatures continues to rapidly grow and evolve the game into an ever-expanding adventure sandbox. The mobs of Minecraft are a vital part of the gameplay and the world itself, but many of them can be a nuisance, like Minecraft‘s upcoming scary warden mob with darkness effects while others can be beneficial.

While there are certain creatures that are tamable in Minecraft, there are also many that are just usable, but untamable. Some examples of this are the pig and the strider, both of which can have a saddle placed on them and be ridden, but doing that does not tame them under the player’s command. Other creatures can be constructed by the player, such as a snow golem or an iron golem, one of which provides an endless supply of snow, and the other acting as a safeguard from nearby hostile mobs. Every mob has a specific function, and exploring the world of Minecraft and discovering new creatures and recipes is the foundation of the game itself.

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Because of Minecraft‘s enormous list of gameplay features and mechanics, each mob has its own unique set of perks or abilities, like Minecraft‘s terrifying warden mob firing lasers, which harms the player and prevents them from progressing. Certain hostile mobs, such as the creeper, are prone to blow you up and damage your house, while tamable creatures such as the wolf can attack enemies for the player. While there are many creatures within Minecraft that may not provide much of a function and mainly act as background life, such as the Fox, there are a select few that can drastically change a playthrough and benefit the player in several ways.

Scattered throughout the grasslands of the Minecraft world are wild horses, varying in color and in jump height, with some horses able to jump far higher than others. Horses can serve as a means of transportation for the player and can make long journeys more bearable and manageable. While there are other means of transportation, such as minecarts, or using Minecraft‘s bees to float in fun mini-games, horses provide a beneficial service of traveling faster on land and act as a companion for the player to look after with ease.

While horses may be most beneficial when it comes to travel, they can also be armored up with horse armor that can be found in dungeon chests. This horse armor will help keep the horse alive if they take a steep fall or if a hostile mob attacks them, as well as help serve as a combat companion when in a fight. And although the horse is more common, for players that have trouble hoarding items in their inventory, the donkey can be found in the same grassland regions and can be equipped with chests to store items on long adventures.


The axolotl was only recently added to Minecraft last year and has become a player favorite in that time. This popularity is mainly due to what axolotls eat in Minecraft, their appearance in a variety of bright colors, and their specific uses while in water. Axolotls can be found in the newer lush cave biome deep underground and live among the puddles and streams that snake through these caves. They can be tamed by capturing them in a bucket and can be placed on land or in water, though an Axolotl can only survive on land for five minutes before needing to be returned to the water.

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Axolotls can be bred with tropical fish and create new colored variants that are harder to find in the wild. Axolotls are beneficial when traveling through water because they attack most other aquatic mobs, including hostile ones such as drowned zombies, but excluding Minecraft‘s upcoming frogs and what they eat. They are extremely beneficial when attacking an ocean monument, as they can take the attention of the hostile guardians away from the player and take the bulk of their damage. Since Axolotls don’t have much health, if they are mortally wounded, they play dead for a short period of time in order to regenerate some health, then get up and engage with the enemy again when they have left the area. Axolotls are very beneficial to Minecraft players that want to spend their time in the ocean and are the only tamable aquatic mob.


The cats of the Minecraft world come in eleven different variants and can be located inside or around villages. They spawn when a certain number of villagers exist within a certain vicinity, and act as a cute pet and a defender of sorts against one of the game’s first creatures and also as a deterrent against Minecraft‘s mysterious phantoms. Cats can be tamed with fish and can scare away creepers and phantoms that come near them. Creepers are especially dangerous to villages and to houses because they can blow a hole into a house and leave it open for other hostile mobs to enter and kill the player or a villager. Cats near a creeper scare them away, so they serve as a useful obstacle for keeping them away.

Tamed cats can also occasionally bring the player gifts after resting in a bed. Some of these gifts can include rabbit hide, raw chicken, and string. While these may not seem like useful rewards, an accumulation of these resources can help in the long term, serving as an incentive to tame an abundance of cats to grow a stockpile of these resources.

The Minecraft world is vast and abundant with life of all shapes, sizes, and uses, including Minecraft‘s upcoming deep dark biome and frog mob. Every year, new Minecraft mobs are added to the game, whether they be helpful or hostile, which continue expanding the game’s vastness of content and features. Minecraft‘s Wild Update, which releases later this year, will add many new creatures to the Minecraft world, such as the allay, the frog, and the warden, all of which will build off of the game’s already expansive catalog of mobs and create new gameplay paradigms for the player to discover and utilize.


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