Minecraft Fan’s Attempt At Toughest Achievement Ends Sadly But Gracefully

A Minecraft player attempting the game’s toughest achievement was left heartbroken after a random encounter ruined hours of hard work. Ahead of the game’s upcoming 1.19 Wild update, which drew backlash from the Minecraft community due to removing some features, players are trying to enjoy their worlds rather than just waiting for the update to drop. That includes filling out their collection of achievements.

Minecraft‘s achievements, more properly known as advancements, also serve as signposts. Particularly in the early game, they give players goals to aim for in a kind of soft tutorial. However, a few of the toughest advancements are hidden from view until completion, so many players may not realize these secret challenges even exist. One of these advancements is the somewhat exasperated-sounding “How Did We Get Here?“, which calls for the player to be under every possible status effect in the game at once, from Nausea to Levitation. It is a notoriously difficult advancement to unlock, incorporating 26 different status effects (soon to be 27 with the inclusion of Darkness in Minecraft 1.19).

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The Levitation effect is one of the rarer status effects in Minecraft, with the player only receiving it through being shot by a Shulker. In order to unlock the advancement, players usually wrangle a Shulker into a minecart or boat to transport it back to the overworld for easy access. Reddit user jmill643 reportedly spent an hour attempting to obtain a Shulker in precisely this fashion, only for it all to go terribly wrong. An unfortunate encounter with an Enderman led to the boat-held Shulker jmill643 had been ferrying to slip over an outcrop and fall into the void below, as jmill643 themselves rose helplessly into the sky under the Levitation effect. Minecraft‘s Endermen are no strangers to causing chaos, but rarely are their actions this painful to bear.

The sight of the Shulker cutting an arc through the air as it drifts down into the psychedelic void below the End, to musical accompaniment no less, is a surprisingly graceful sight. Although with that being said, it is still painful to think of all the invested time and effort which is also being lost at the same time. Fortunately, however, this story has a happy ending. Although jmill643 temporarily abandoned their attempt after this incident, they later renewed their efforts and have now completed the advancement. Although some achievements are obviously more difficult than others, no Minecraft achievement is truly impossible, with the even hardest of all simply requiring some patience.


“How Did We Get Here” is probably one of the hardest gaming achievements in recent times, and its increasing difficulty in the near future does nothing to curb that assessment. This news just goes to show that when hidden achievements are added to a game, no matter how difficult, players are always able to discover and overcome them with hard work, whether in Minecraft or any other game.

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Source: jmill643/Reddit