A Man’s Attempt To Rob A Money Exchanger In Aflao Went Wrong

A Mans Attempt To Rob A Money Exchanger In Aflao Went Wrong

A Man’s Attempt To Rob A Money Exchanger In Aflao Went Wrong – It was around 4:00 p.m. yesterday when a man from Benin, came down to Aflao in the Volta Region to rob a money exchanger by the name, Yevu Elikpim. This incident happened in the Aflao market yesterday, when a man by the name Kofi Agyey together with two other men, came down to Elikpim in his shop to exchange 500000 Naira to Ghana Cedis.

Although they came there with the money at hand, they were with different mindsets. Elikplim’s shop is not very close to the public market instead, it is at an isolated area. Due to this, they planned that, one person will be watching the other route to be supervising people who are walking down the street close to the shop.

The plan was moving on well with them, not until they attempted to steal the money from Elikpim. Immediately they grabbed the money, their hands stuck to the money and was on the table. They could not move and could not talk, the only thing they could do was to be static over there.

Immediately, some guys tie then to a bamboo stick and hung them up over a manhole as a form of punishment.

They were there for about an hour after Elikpim went to bring in the police. The scene amazed so many people and from that day onwards, discouraged all those with bad plans against money exchanges.

In further investigation, it was known that Kofi was not the mastermind behind the stealing of the money, but rather he was just sent to carry out the robbery.

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