Link To Confirm IEBC Voter Registration Details For Kenyans

Link To Confirm IEBC Voter Registration Details For Kenyans

Link To Confirm IEBC Voter Registration Details For  Kenyans

iebcregistrationjobs – The Kenyan Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission  (IEBC) is in charge of kenya voters registration. Those who registered on the platform in the forth coming elections are now asked to verify their registration details.

How Do You Register As A Voter?

  • An eligible voter must present himself or herself to the registration officer with his/her original identification documents at the designated registration centre during working hours.
  • The applicant fills the Application for Registration form (Form A)
  • Registered voters will be issued with a registration acknowledgement slip bearing the voter′s details.
  • However, this slip will not be a requirement for voting.

When Can Someone Be Denied Registration?

  • When you are under 18 years of age
  • When you are not in possession of the original ID card or a valid Kenyan passport
  • When one is un-discharged bankrupt
  • When you have been found guilty by an election court or reported to be guilty of any election offence during the preceding five years.
  • If a competent court declares you to be of unsound mind

Is An Eligible Voter Allowed To Register More Than Once?

No! A person is only allowed to register once as a voter in a constituency or registration centre of his or her choice. It is an offence to register more than once.

What Is The Penalty Of Registering More Than Once?

Persons who have registered more than once are liable on conviction, to a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand Kenya shillings or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or both. Such persons shall be barred from participating in the immediate election and the next that follows.

Can A Person Transfer As A Voter To Another Registration Centre Or Constituency?

YES! A person may transfer as a voter to another registration centre of his or her choice within the registration period.

Are You A Registered Voter?

Your Vote, Your Future. Verify your registration details from 4th May to 2nd June, 2022.
Visit your registration center or IEBC office in your Constituency with your original ID or valid passport that you used to register as a voter.

You can also Confirm Your Registration Details Go to: or text IDNumber #YearOfBirth or PassportNumber #YearOfBirth to 70000

In the event your details are incorrectly captured, visit your registration center.