Legends of Tomorrow Reveals Real Reason for Booster’s Betrayal

Warning: Spoilers for Earth-Prime: Legends of Tomorrow #3 ahead!

The third issue of the Arrowverse tie-in comic Earth-Prime reveals that Booster Gold had a good reason for betraying the Legends of Tomorrow and stealing their time-ship, the Waverider. The story puts a softer edge on Booster’s actions, which seemed to go a bit too far even for the infamously selfish and short-sighted superhero. However, the story also reveals that for all his noble intentions, this version of Booster Gold is still something of a scoundrel and has a long way to go before becoming the Greatest Hero You’ve Never Heard Of.

The Arrowverse version of Booster Gold was introduced in Legends of Tomorrow‘s season 7 finale, played by Scrubs‘ Donald Faison. Introducing himself to the Legends as “Mike” (in a nod to Booster’s comic book secret identity of Michael Carter), this version of Booster Gold is a time cop assigned to act as a fixed point guardian of the incident that inspired Dr. Gwyn Davies (Matt Ryan) to discover time travel. Mike seemingly goes crazy with the revelation that his job is essentially pointless, as no sensible time traveler would be stupid enough to try and change the fixed point responsible for making time travel possible. He abandons his post, stealing the Legends’ time-ship to make his escape. The episode ends with Mike returning to the Legends, seemingly having come to his senses, but really helping his bosses set an ambush to arrest the Legends for their crimes against the timeline. This would have led to Donald Faison wearing Booster Gold’s armor had Legends of Tomorrow not been canceled after seven seasons, ending the show on a cliffhanger.


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“Booster’s Day Out,” a short comic by Legends of Tomorrow writers Daniel Park and Lauren Fields with art by Jose Luis and Jonas Trindade, reveals what Booster does in his time away from the Legends and the real reason why he abandons them. While Booster wants to get away from his joke of a job, he also wants to save a friend named Skeets, from whom he has been separated after he assumed his duties as a fixed point guardian. What happened to Skeets is not explained, but it is clear that Booster misses his friend deeply and has gone a little crazy guarding the fixed point alone, talking to himself as if Skeets were still there nagging him.

Unfortunately, while the Arrowverse Booster may have noble intentions, he quickly proves his unworthiness as a hero, goofing off instead of getting down to business. Once he frees himself of the time cop technology that keeps him anchored to his fixed point, he goes on a vacation across time, enjoying the Big Belly Burgers of the 24th century, taking a trip to the Heyworld amusement park in 2019 and catching a punk rock concert in 1977 London. It is here that Booster’s bosses finally catch up with him and force him to help set a trap for the Legends, threatening to delete Skeets (who is confirmed to be an AI, like in the comics) if he doesn’t play ball.


It remains to be seen what future, if any, Booster Gold might have in the Arrowverse in the wake of Legends of Tomorrow‘s cancellation. Donald Faison could reprise the role in another series, having already had a cameo on The FlashThere’s also a chance that the Legends of Tomorrow will get some kind of resolution on HBO Max, either through an eighth season or a movie, as a massive fan effort on social media has suggested. It may seem like a longshot, but anything is possible with HBO Max having previously released the Snyder Cut in response to fan demand. If nothing else, the Earth-Prime comic proves that Legends of Tomorrow and the Arrowverse version of Booster Gold could easily continue in comic book form.

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