How to Apply for Canadian Human Resources Manager Job Advertisements

Canada is one of the top countries to work as an HR manager as these professionals are in demand in the country. As such, working as one is certainly not a bad idea, since the country is blessed with so many resources that would be of immense benefit to you as an HR manager. For instance, meeting and interacting with new people is an essential part of your job and Canada is endowed with friendly and receptive people. Canada is also known for its quality standard of living and high level of security. There are a whole lot of reasons your job as an HR manager would thrive in Canada.

Human Resources Managers are listed 0112 on the National Occupation Code (NOC) List which is a targeted occupation list. So, if you are considering moving to Canada as an HR manager and you are wondering how you can apply for an HR job or the requirements you need to immigrate to Canada then this article is just for you! In this article, we would be discussing what HR managers do, the requirements an HR manager needs to meet to immigrate to Canada, the general requirements to work in Canada, the steps to move to Canada as an HR manager and other relevant information.

What do HR Managers do?

Human resources (HR) managers are employees of a company that spearhead the administrative duties of the human resources department. They are responsible for the organization, evaluation, direction, and coordination among others of the company’s human resources and personnel departments. They are primarily found in public and private sectors acting on behalf of general managers and maintaining a good relationship between the management and other employees. They also monitor employees to make sure tasks are properly done and delivered promptly.

HR managers are in charge of an organization’s hiring process as they are responsible for interviewing, selecting and employing new staffs of the organization. In other words, they match qualified employees for jobs for which they are well suited. Also, they establish and carry out policies and procedures as regards employee training and development, human resources planning, salaries and incentive administration etc. In addition, they build a credible reputation for the organization and improve interpersonal relationships among other roles.

What are the Jobs of HR Managers in Canada?

Under the National Occupation Code 0112, the Jobs of HR managers include:

  • benefits manager
  • chief safety officer – occupational health and safety
  • classification and compensation chief
  • compensation manager
  • disability management program manager
  • employee benefits director
  • employee benefits manager
  • employer-employee relations manager
  • employment equity chief
  • employment equity director – human resources
  • employment equity manager – human resources
  • employment manager
  • health and safety co-ordinator
  • human resources administrator
  • human resources development and planning director
  • human resources development director
  • human resources director
  • human resources management director
  • human resources manager
  • human resources planning manager
  • industrial relations manager
  • job evaluation and salary research manager
  • labour relations director
  • labour relations manager
  • language training director
  • occupational health and safety director
  • occupational health and safety manager
  • occupational training director – human resources
  • official languages chief
  • official languages manager
  • pay and benefits director
  • pay and benefits manager
  • pay services director – human resources
  • pay-processing division director – government services
  • pensions and benefits manager
  • personnel administration manager
  • personnel and industrial relations director
  • personnel chief
  • personnel director
  • personnel manager
  • personnel services director
  • personnel services manager
  • personnel training and development manager
  • recruiting director
  • recruiting manager
  • salary research and administration manager
  • staff relations chief
  • staff relations manager
  • staff training and development chief
  • staff training and development manager
  • staff training co-ordinator
  • staffing chief
  • training and development manager
  • training chief
  • vocational training director – human resources
  • wage and salary administration manager
  • employment equity manager – human resources
  • Human resources and recruitment officers
  • Human resources professionals

What are the Duties of HR Managers in Canada?

The duties of HR managers include:

  • Coordinate and organize the company’s workforce in order to maximize employees’ talents and potentials.
  • Act as a bridge between the company’s management and employees.
  • Coordinate the benefits programs for employees.
  • Consults other managers providing and seeking information on human resources issues.
  • Support all staffs and oversees the work of specialists.
  • Responsible for the recruitment, interview, selection and hiring of new staffs in the company.
  • Handle interpersonal relationships among staffs.
  • Arrange, manage and oversee the activities of staffs.
  • Develop and execute labour management rules and processes to negotiate collective bargaining contracts.
  • Organize programs for employee development.
  • Involve in joint committees and organize employee-rated sessions on relevant topics such as remuneration, benefits etc.
  • Oversee the quality management of the organization’s program and activities.
  • Ensure relevant laws such as Pay Equity Act are adhered to.

What are the Requirements that an HR Manager needs to Meet to Immigrate to Canada?

As an HR manager, there are certain requirements that must be met to enable you to immigrate and work in Canada. These requirements include:

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in an area related to personnel administration such as business administration, marketing, industrial relations, psychology etc. Additionally, you must have completed a professional development program for managing people.
  • You may also need to earn the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) certification as required by your employer.
  • You should also have years of experience as a human resource specialist or personal employee or any other relevant area.

What are the General Requirements for Working in Canada?

Apart from the specific requirements you need to meet to be qualified for an HR manager role in Canada, there are general requirements to be met to work in Canada no matter your chosen field. These conditions include:

1. Age

Age is one important factor that determines whether you can work in Canada or not. If you desire to work in Canada, then you must be at least 18 years old. However, this is not an absolute rule as some employers may recruit persons under the age of 18 on certain occasions with permission from the Canadian government.

2. Partner’s ability or skills

If your spouse has professional experience, good language proficiency or other abilities, it can increase your chances of getting a Visa to work in Canada. In other words, if your partner has lived or worked in Canada, then it could be a huge plus for you.

3. Language

To be able to work in Canada, you have to have a perfect understanding of all that pertains to Canada. This includes Canadian culture, language, mode of speaking, writing etc. You would also need to prove this by writing an exam. This exam can be taken in English or French language.

4. Work experience

Having work experience can also contribute to whether or not you can move to Canada and work. If you have enough work experience, you may be eligible to work in Canada.

5. Arranged employment

Although this depends on specific job requirements, your employer can arrange a legitimate job offer for you to accept. With this, you would be able to move to Canada and work.

6. Educational requirements

If you must work in Canada, then it is pertinent for you to have completed high school. There are certain jobs that require a college or university degree.

7. Adaptability

To work in Canada, you must be able to adapt. If you cannot adjust to the guidelines of your workplace or weather conditions, then you may not be allowed to work in Canada. In addition, you would need to submit medical proof that shows you are medically fit to do work in Canada.

What are the Steps to Move into Canada as an HR Manager?

Before we consider the steps to move into Canada as an HR manager, it is important to discuss the available options to immigrate to Canada as an HR manager. These options include:

1. Job offer

This is arguably the fastest option to immigrate to Canada as an HR manager. The basic thing here is that you must be offered a legitimate job from a Canadian company or business. Also, before you the commencement of the hiring process, the said business or company must acquire a certificate from the Labour Market Impact Assessment.

2. Express Entry

There are three express entry alternatives in Canada. They include:

  • Federal skilled workers program
  • Federal skilled trades program
  • Canada experience class

Therefore, you can maximize these options when applying for a job opening as an HR manager in Canada. Bear in mind that you should choose a program that you are eligible for. This is due to your evaluation based on your CSR ratings. Hence, it is advisable to learn and understand all about a program before applying, particularly the program’s criteria.

3. In-demand jobs

Note that human resources manager is an in-demand job opening in Canada. Since it is an in-demand job it could open a door for you to easily immigrate and work in Canada.

4. Provincial Nominee Program

Every Canadian province has a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Under this scheme, immigrants can live and work in a Canadian province. This means you can decide to immigrate to Canada through the PNP as an HR manager.

Steps to immigrate to Canada as human resources manager

The steps to immigrate to Canada as an HR manager are:

Step 1: Express entry

As a primary requirement, you must acquire an express entry program to enable your relocation to Canada as an HR manager. This is the beginning of your Canadian immigration journey. You must get a very good express entry profile by fulfilling the Canadian immigration requirements. This would give you important Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

Step 2: Select a program of choice

You have to choose a suitable program that meets your needs. Hence, check to see if you meet the requirements of the program before choosing. Some programs include:

  • Canada Experience Class
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Provincial Nominee programs

Step 3: Receive a job offer from a Canadian company or business

At this juncture, you have now gotten a job offer from a Canadian company. You can immigrate to Canada with a legitimate job offer as an HR manager. Hence, receiving a job offer plays a huge role in making sure your immigration is hitch-free. However, you have to meet the conditions in order to get hired.

Step 4: Obtain an invitation to apply (ITA)

If you are successful, you would receive an invitation to apply. Then, you can apply to work as an HR manager in Canada with the invitation. Bear in mind that only persons who have a high CRS score will receive an invitation to apply.

Step 5: Submit your application with support with relevant documents

From the time you receive an invitation to apply, you have only 60 days to respond to IRCC. If you do not comply with this rule, then you may lose the opportunity. Hence, once you commence the immigration process, you should start gathering the relevant documents. In addition, it is compulsory to send your application via email with an application fee of CAD 150.

Step 6: Obtain your work permit

This is the final step and you would receive a notification that your permit is being processed and is now ready. The process would be completed in 28 days. As a result, you can commence your plans to relocate to Canada. If however, you do not get a notification, it could be that your documents are missing or you entered an incorrect information in your application. This is why you should properly send all the required documents.

Final Thoughts

Human resources managers are key employees in any company. Hence, there is a high demand for them in Canadian organizations. Fortunately, the Canadian government has opened its arms to qualified candidates seeking to immigrate to Canada. So if you have been seeking to apply for a position as a human resources manager in Canada, we have made things easier for you, providing you with all the information you need for a smooth experience. All you need to do is to follow all the guidelines in this article and start your journey hitch-free!