“Homosexuality is a disorder – Zambian Doctors Association President, Dr Brian Sampa says

Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) President, Dr. Brian Sampa, has said that homosexuality is a disorder.  Dr. Sampa, who stated this on his official Facebook page on Monday, May 23, also said that the anus is not a sexual organ but for excretion. Read his post below:  HOMOSEXUALITY IS A DISORDER, THOSE ARE PATIENTS WHO NEED MEDICAL HELPIn Genetics a man has XY chromosomes while a woman has XX.Man has More testesterone while woman has more oestrogen. Man produces sperms while woman produces eggs.When they meet the sperm fertilizes the egg to produce offsprings. Because of oestrogen a woman has breasts,hips,nice voice and other female characteristics. Because of testesterone a man is masculine, hairy,deep voice and other male sexual characteristics. Due to this make up a man admires a woman while a woman admires a man that’s what makes them come together for the purpose of procreation. About body parts; The organs involved in procreation are penis in males and vagina in females. Note:THE ANUS IS NOT A SEXUAL ORGAN!!!! It’s for excretion. Now in nature nothing is perfect so we have conditions where a child is born with two sexual organs. In this case the best thing to do is to check the genetic makeup of that child.If the child is XY then the operation will be to close the vagina and maintain the penis, while if the child is XX the surgery will be to remove the penis and maintain the vagina.Its that simple. Anything apart from What has been said above is a disorder and requires medical attention.**IF A MAN ADMIRES ANOTHER MAN THEY NEED MEDICAL HELP.**IF A WOMAN ADMIRES ANOTHER WOMAN THEY ALSO NEED HELP Everyone has got the right to medical attention, don’t deprive people of their rights to be treated by accepting their diseases. ITS NOT A HUMAN RIGHT TO BE HOMOSEXUAL ITS A DISORDER!!BCS..23//05//2022.  The post “Homosexuality is a disorder – Zambian Doctors Association President, Dr Brian Sampa says appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.