Halloween’s Michael Myers Chia Pet Is As Terrifying As You’d Expect

Halloweens Michael Myers Chia Pet Is As Terrifying As Youd Expect

Halloween’s Michael Myers Chia Pet Is As Terrifying As You’d Expect

The new Michael Myers Chia Pet may leave some collectors squeamish but will undoubtedly prove to be popular amongst diehard Halloween fans.

Halloween‘s Michael Myers is now a Chia Pet. The novelty item, known for sprouting chia seeds in variously shaped terracotta pots for decorative purposes, has been around since the 1970s. The same decade also gave birth to Michael Myers, the masked serial killer in John Carpenter’s classic horror film, Halloween.

Should Horror Movie Merch Be Actually Scary?

This new scary plant will not appeal to everyone. The gruesome Chia Pet announcement may leave some people wondering why anyone would want such an item as part of their decor. While some horror merchandise could be considered by most to be a tasteful homage to the macabre, but some of it, like this Michael Myers figurine, is downright terrifying. As society’s fears evolve, horror iconography does become more familiar and the Chia Pet association can add a bit of comfort. Also, perhaps for horror film fans, fears diminish with frequent exposure to the genre’s classic monsters who over time develop a kitschy quality themselves.

A Michael Myers Chia Pet is two clichés wrapped in one. The Chia Pet angle does lighten the mood by adding a twist of humor to the otherwise dark merchandise. While the squeamish Chia Pet collectors may want to forgo this one, Halloween fans will certainly be interested.

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