Groom fell in love with Mother-in-law, Video goes viral

On occasions like Wedding ceremonies, the atmosphere remains joyous and prosperous throughout the wedding . The bride and the groom have a different charm of their own. While the bride continues garnering compliments of her looks and beauty, the groom is also filled with sense of content and happiness. Both of them mutually respect each other’s families and continue to grow together.

Recently, a wedding video took over the internet where we can find the groom singing praises for his mother in law. The bride and the groom can be seen sitting together, surrounded by guests for a post-marriage ritual. It is then that the groom is asked to recite a couplet for the bride, as a part of the Chhand ceremony.


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He starts the verse by saying “Meri pyaari sasu maa, aapko mera saadar pranam”, which meant giving his best of regards to the lady. To this, the guests started cheering and hooting loudly and the bride also started clapping with immense joy and happiness.

This act of affection and love has gone viral on social media and won hearts of many.

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