Green Lantern’s Possession Reveals A Cosmic Secret About His Powers

Warning! Spoilers for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3!

The mysterious energy that powers the Green Lanterns may have just had a big secret revealed. A villain’s possession of Hal Jordan reveals that the Green Light of Will has more mystic properties than fans originally thought.

The light that powers the universe’s number one peacekeeping force, the Green Lantern Corps, was first harnessed by the Guardians of the Universe. In an attempt to establish order in an increasingly chaotic world, they used the most stable light in the Emotional Spectrum to power their latest batch of officers. Those that are able to overcome fear and possess strong willpower can use the Green Lantern Power Rings to create anything they can dream up, provided they have the imagination to do so. It’s no wonder that with virtually no limits to its use, the Power Rings have become one of the universe’s most sought after weapons.


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A flashback to the earlier days in the DC Universe is shining a new light on the green-hued abilities of the Lanterns. In Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, a magical villain has returned and is providing power-ups to some of the DCU’s most notorious villains. Nezha, an ancient evil is recruiting people left and right and it appears he’s particularly targeting magic-users. Batman and Superman dispatch Nezha’s latest follower, Felix Faust, and rescue Billy Batson, who briefly channels a message from the demon lord. The heroes try to rally the Justice League but find that Flash and Wonder Woman are busy with more menacing versions of Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy. Clark and Bruce manage to stop the villains but are accosted by Green Lantern, who reveals that he has fallen to Nezha’s influence and traps his friends in a hard light cage.

What’s curious about Nezha’s plans is that they almost always involve magic users or items with magical properties. He delivers a message through Billy Batson and uses Felix Faust as a pawn. Mirror Master’s a bit of an outlier, but he does use a magical mirror thanks to Nezha. The demon lord has a clear interest in the magic forces of the DC Universe, which raises a question about his possession of Green Lantern.


While the Green Light of Will has often been interpreted as a more scientific-based force, Nezha’s specific targeting of Green Lantern seems to imply the light is actually more magic-based. It’s not the most outlandish idea, since the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, got his powers from a magical lantern. With arcane forces being fluid and difficult to define, it’s hard to say what makes something magic or not. But Nezha’s possession makes a pretty strong case that the Green Lanterns, and the entire Emotional Spectrum for that matter, utilize a cosmic form of magic.

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Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 is available now from DC Comics.