Grand Theft Auto 6 Must Fix GTA 5’s Biggest Vehicle Problem

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in the works, and one major vehicle issue from Grand Theft Auto 5 needs to be fixed this time around. For the last nine years, the city of Los Santos has drawn players in and kept them coming back thanks to the massive scale of the locale and its surrounding areas. At the moment fans do not know where the city for GTA 6 will be located just yet, but there are many rumors about where it might be, including a return to Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was a groundbreaking game and, after nine years, many are excited to see what is in store for the next installment of the series. Rockstar has not given any information about what to expect – only revealing that production on GTA 6 is underway. Fans have a wishlist of things that they hope to see from the new game and they have not been shy about telling Rockstar what they want. From getting rid of the weapon wheel to revamping GTA 5‘s tried and tested gunplay, there are many things that can be done to make this installment even better than the last.

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One small change that could make Grand Theft Auto 6 better relates to GTA 5‘s personal vehicles. Many players choose to purchase exotic cars during their playthrough and if they want to use these vehicles on a mission, or to just zoom through the streets of Los Santos, they have to go to a garage to get them rather than having them spawn at each protagonist’s house. The ideal solution to this would be for players to set that protagonist’s personal vehicle as something different. They could assign the exotic cars to the character and then be able to have that vehicle show up when spawning in or even at the protagonist’s house. While playing as GTA 5 protagonists Michael, Franklin, or Trevor, players have the option of switching back and forth between them. Each time this is done, the character is in a different spot completely (sometimes in precarious situations), but the one thing that can always be assured is the fact that their vehicle will be somewhere nearby. Unfortunately, the vehicle that is transported near the player is the standard vehicle that is assigned to that protagonist. The vehicles are a white Bravado Buffalo S for Franklin, a black Obey Tailgater for Michael, and a red Canis Bodhi for Trevor, which are not exactly exciting or powerful – even with upgrades.

This isn’t to say that there will even be multiple protagonists in GTA 6‘s story mode, as this was a new feature in GTA 5, but the idea of not being able to choose what vehicle shows up can be frustrating for players. There are a lot of different options of vehicles to purchase in-game and while players do have the option of buying a garage to store them in, these are located in very specific areas of the map. Spawning into the game and wanting to use a purchased car can sometimes mean driving for a while to the garage or house that is closest and it can be frustrating to travel that long distance to get a different vehicle.

Hopefully, Rockstar will decide to allow players to choose what vehicle is assigned to their protagonist, even if there is only one this time around. While players wait to hear news about when to expect GTA 6 there are many new things to check out in GTA 5, such as the addition of GTA Online’s new GTA+ membership feature, which gives players new properties to buy and access content they might not have been able to before. This new feature proves that while Rockstar is in the process of developing Grand Theft Auto 6, it is still working tirelessly on Grand Theft Auto 5.


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