Elden Ring’s Godrick Looks Even More Horrifying Without Cloak

A look under the cloak of Godrick the Grafted, the notoriously tough demigod boss from Elden Ring, makes the character even more nauseating. The powerful ruler of Limgrave is known for adding additional limbs to his body in an attempt to become stronger. Elden Ring fans were recently disgusted by a look under the cloak of the Grafted Scion, but Godrick manages to surpass the horror of that monstrosity.

Residing behind the imposing walls of Stormveil Castle, Godrick the Grafted is most Tarnished players’ first target when they begin Elden Ring. After fighting through northern Limgrave and beating the infamously difficult boss Margit the Fell Omen, players must traverse the halls and dungeons of Stormveil Castle. Reaching Godrick’s arena triggers a brutal boss fight, with the cloaked ruler even chopping off his own hand half-way through the battle in order to replace it with a flame-spewing dragon head. Elden Ring lore indicates that the demigod descendant of Marika and Godfrey was born weak, leading Godrick to harvest and graft Tarnished limbs in an effort to make himself godly.

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The multi-limbed Godrick the Grafted is disgusting when players face him in Elden Ring, but Reddit user NoEgg786 has removed his cloak to reveal an even more horrifying body underneath. The unrelenting boss’ body is essentially just a mass of meat, no doubt the result of Godrick harvesting enemies and adding them to his body over countless years. Each of his arms has additional arms and hands sprouting from it, and his legs are covered in extra feet. NoEgg786’s post gives a fascinating new look at a now-infamous Elden Ring figure, though the sight is almost unbearable.

Godrick is notorious for challenging Elden Ring players and motivating them to explore the Lands Between for an advantage, but not all gamers struggle to defeat him. In fact, one Elden Ring player used a banana controller to beat Godrick in a hilarious feat of combat mastery. The banana controller attaches wires to several of the potassium-rich fruit, allowing the user to input commands just by touching them. Many Elden Ring players struggle to beat Godrick the Grafted with a normal controller, but the banana controller’s creator was able to best the ruler of Limgrave using the delicious contraption.

Elden Ring’s grafted enemies are disturbing due to the haphazard way that they add extra body parts to themselves. Godrick the Grafted is an abomination even while wearing his cloak, but NoEgg 786 has revealed an even more terrifying form hidden underneath. While he was born a demigod, Godrick’s obsession with grafting has transformed him into little more than a mass of harvested meat.


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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: NoEgg786/Reddit