DHET Urges TVET Students To Get Certificate From Colleges

DHET Urges TVET Students To Get Certificate From Colleges

DHET Urges TVET Students To Get Certificate From Colleges

The Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has recommended students to get in touch with the institutions where they took their examinations if they have questions about their certificates and diplomas.

The certificates for students are delivered to institutions within 90 days of the results being revealed, according to Higher Education and Training Minister Dr. Blade Nzimande.

“Students who take tests more than once to get certification are expected to apply for the combination of their results at the last testing location where they took the test,” reads the policy on the website. In exchange, the center will forward the application to the DHET for additional processing.

The eGOV site, www.eservices.gov.za, which is supervised by a specialized team at the DHET, is another place where students may submit their inquiries.

Though feedback is always shared with the college and never with specific students, Nzimande advised that any inquiries be made with their institution of registration before thinking about escalating to the DHET.

Almost All Certificates Have Been Issued

After the results combinations were processed, the Minister said that 99.94% of the certificates from the prior certification backlog (historical records) had been issued to institutions for eligible students.

According to the Minister, the department forbids universities from denying students their diplomas because of unpaid tuition.

According to Nzimande, “colleges must find a practical means to retrieve the unpaid tuition.”

Umalusi Permits The Publishing Of The Results Of More Than 39 000 Applicants

Nzimande also said that the Umalusi Council had accepted the outcomes and had given the Department of Higher Education and Training a letter of approval.

This comes after a conference between the department and Umalusi Assessment Standards Committee (ASC) on September 5, 2022, to finalize plans to normalize applicants’ performance in four subjects: math N3, engineering science N3, fitting and machining N2, and electrotechnology N3.

Nzimande said the permission letter suggested the publication of results for 39 777 applicants and the annulment of results for 2 028 candidates who were connected to anomalies during the examination.

“On September 9, 2022, DHET processed the results of 39 777 candidates for release. The results of the 2 028 candidates involved in these major violations are thus still frozen, according to Nzimande.

The National Policy Pertaining to the Conduct, Administration and Management of Examinations of Colleges as amended, registered and reported in terms of the Continuing Education and Training Act of 2006, he said, gives the National Irregularities and Assessment Committee (NEIC) the authority to carry out the necessary sanctions.

The National Irregularities and Assessment Committee agreed with the Umalusi Council’s recommendation to declare the results null and void, and the results remain invalid.

Accordingly, the accused students would be permitted to register to take the final exams of the academic year. However, Nzimande warned that if they were found guilty again, they would be barred from taking any more exams for three years.

Students who participate in irregularities, which have the effect of compromising the validity and integrity of exams, were denounced by the DHET.



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