Cyril Ramaphosa To Expand Presidential Employment Stimulus (PES)

Cyril Ramaphosa To Expand Presidential Employment Stimulus PES

Cyril Ramaphosa To Expand Presidential Employment Stimulus (PES)

In order to provide good and long-term employment on a far greater scale, President Cyril Ramaphosa says the government will continue to build on the success of the Presidential Employment Stimulus (PES) and broaden its reach.

The President stated that the PES is still crucially needed to support efforts to rebuild the employment market in his weekly email to the country.

The PES was established less than two years ago to promote economic recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic and to create employment and sustain livelihoods.

Just recently, the PES passed the milestone of having one million participants since its establishment.

“We have unleashed energy, dedication, creativity, innovation, and possibilities through the Presidential Employment Stimulus. We are creating a functioning society as a result.

“More than a million individuals directly benefitted. Families and communities of participants have been affected by the stimulus to a far greater extent. The President stated that our current objective is to broaden and intensify the impact of our activity.

The President said that a coordinated effort between the government and the larger society, including the commercial sector, community-based organizations, and many others, led to the success of the stimulus plan.

He claimed that while it takes time for the economy to recover and produce jobs at the necessary size, the program helps to create jobs.

The President emphasized that these programs offer high-quality job experiences, noting that a key obstacle to employment is a lack of work experience.

For instance, according to President Ramaphosa, approximately 600 000 young people have been hired as school assistants in more than 22 000 schools throughout the country as part of the stimulus program’s largest component.

The President stated that the school administration, teachers, and other stakeholders concur that the involvement of the school assistants has enhanced the learning environment in schools.

“The epidemic impacted the livelihoods of many independent contractors. Particularly negatively impacted was the artistic industry. People were given assistance in this field so they could create jobs for both themselves and others.

The selling of rights, tickets, and royalties has made it possible for the created plays, music, and movies to make more money. All of this has aided in the sector’s expansion, he claimed.

With approximately 140 000 subsistence farmers getting production input coupons to help them continue and increase output following the interruptions of COVID-19, the Presidential Employment Stimulus has also promoted sustainable livelihood.

Phindile Ngcoya, a 36-year-old resident of Richmond in KwaZulu-Natal, is one of these recipients. She claims the coupon she received helped the fledgling cooperative survive and turn a profit. She is one of ten members of a family agricultural cooperative.

With chances offered to nurses, scientific graduates, craftsmen, and others, the PES further assists graduates.

Currently, over 26 universities are assisting in placing jobless graduates in jobs that are appropriate for their qualifications.

“Small companies and unofficial firms in local economies around the nation have benefited economically from the incomes gained via Presidential Employment Stimulus programs. The salary of the Umgungundlovu-based school helpers are being spent there. In Putsonderwater, the same.

The most in needy groups are receiving money directly, as opposed to the “trickle down” effect. The cash then moves throughout the neighborhood and “trickles up” into the larger economy. That is why we call it a stimulus because the entire economy benefits along with society,” the President said.

Getting Young people Jobs

The President claimed that because to the PES, the nation now has thousands of individuals with important job experience who are simple to discover via the portal.

As these young people graduate from these programs, the President urged businesses to recruit them since they had recent job experience.

“We will be able to realize the full potential of this creative and enormously successful project if companies view the Presidential Youth Stimulus as a destination to uncover young people,” he added.

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