DC’s Future Catwoman Has One Power The Original Would Kill For

While Catwoman is one of the most cunning and deadly criminals in DC Comics‘ Gotham City, the future incarnation of the character who made her debut in Batman Beyond has a power that the original would absolutely kill for.

Selina Kyle, while being one of Batman’s on-again-off-again rogues, is first and foremost a cat burglar whose skills are absolutely incomparable. Catwoman was introduced in the 1940’s Batman #1 story, “The Cat” by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. In that issue, Catwoman was only known as the Cat and she was a burglar who wielded a whip which she used to fend off her heroic challenger. Much of Catwoman’s original depictions have carried on through the years, both in terms of her profession and her iconic weapon of choice. However, in 2002’s Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, Catwoman breaks free of her villainous characterization and becomes something of an antihero, as well as a potential love interest for Batman. While that metamorphosis was striking, it is nothing compared to the upgrade Catwoman received in Batman Beyond, though unfortunately for the original, that character isn’t Selina Kyle.

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In Batman Beyond #2 by Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin, Catwoman is reintroduced to fans in an all-new, upgraded form. As Terry McGinnis is patrolling the city, he notices a figure attempting to break into the building of a tech company, one that contains incredibly valuable materials. So, Batman flies over to stop her, but as he soon finds out, this version of Catwoman has a few tricks up her sleeve that he wasn’t prepared for. Using all of the skills exhibited by the original, along with the added strength and agility offered by her high-tech suit, Catwoman is easily able to avoid capture. However, while she was fighting Terry, Catwoman was still able to steal the technology she was after, a seemingly impossible feat that could never have been pulled off with anyone without a crew. In Batman Beyond, Catwoman has become a crew of one and can seemingly be in at most nine different places at once, all due to her powers of duplication.

Batman Beyond’s Catwoman is the daughter of Danton Black, also known as Multiplex. Multiplex is a Batman villain who has the power to duplicate himself, and he evidently passed that gift down to his daughter, whose first name has never been revealed. Not only is this power useful when pulling off a heist that requires a crew, but it is also perfect for battle situations. After Terry is gravely injured while fighting a copycat of Hush, Catwoman follows the lead of her predecessor and helps him fight the villain, multiplying herself eight times and becoming a lethal army of nine highly-trained soldiers.

Not only do her powers help her do exactly what Selina used to, only better, the extent of her abilities is incredibly on-brand as she literally has nine lives whenever she duplicates herself. Based on her power-set and how she puts her abilities in action just as Selina Kyle would have, it is safe to say that the original Catwoman would have killed to have this power.


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