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Bunger Royale is one of the many new Bugsnax for players to find and capture. With the Isle of Bigsnax DLC release, players can explore an entirely new biome with its own set of Bugsnax to capture. These creatures are hybrids between delicious snacks and half-bug monsters. Throughout the main campaign, players are assigned to solve the mystery of the Snaktooth isle. While the main story has about 100 different species of Bugsnax to capture, the free Isle of Bigsnax Broken Tooth DLC adds an additional handful to hunt down. The first that players will encounter is the Bunger Royale, kicking off the content of the Isle of Bigsnax.

It’s important to mention that players will need to beat all the Bugsnax quests from both Chandlo and Snorpy. The Isle of Bigsnax DLC acts as content that takes place after the main story, making it impossible to access beforehand. While it is a side-story that has no bearing on the original plot, these missions will still need to be cleared. After completing the story, head back into Snaxburg and speak with Snorpy. Speaking with him will begin the Isle of Bigsnax DLC as he mentions he needs help with an important assignment.

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The Bunger Royale is the first new Bugsnax players will find on the Isle of Bigsnax DLC. When exploring Broken Tooth, players will find the Bunger Royale walking around with large googly eyes and small orange slabs for legs. To capture it, the player will need to use one of the Shrink Spice pots nearby and throw it directly at the Bunger Royale. This will cause the Bunger Royale to shrink to a more reasonable size. Now, set up the Trip Shot tool nearby and get the Bunger Royale to walk into it. Players can do this by using Cheese Sauce or Ketchup as bait. Players need to wait until the Bunger Royale collides with the Trip Shot to capture it.

Outside of the new content being made available in Bugsnax‘s Isle of Bigsnax DLC, there were also a handful of quality-of-life improvements. For example, it’s now possible for players to fast travel to any previous location they have visited on Snaktooth Island. There’s also the option to customize your own hut with furniture items the player collects throughout their adventures. In addition, there will be a mailbox near the hut that supplies players with tasks they can complete to earn more items.

There’s also an entirely new secret area and endings to unlock in Bugsnax. There are three different endings available that will change depending on what the player does throughout their time in Bugsnax. Without getting into spoilers, the Bugsnax lore has the tendency to get a bit uncanny at times. The Isle of Bigsnax DLC has 11 new Bugsnax to find and capture. With the main gimmick of shrinking down these monsters using Spice Urns, players will need to get used to this item to catch them all.


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Bugsnax is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.