Best UK Immigration Specialists That Can Help Process Your Visa to Uk To Join A Football Academy

If you want to join a football academy in the UK, then you must obtain a visa to travel there. However, the difficulty in obtaining a visa is one factor that may deter you from visiting the United Kingdom. This is because you may not know how to appropriately address the queries posed to you by the officers in UK immigration. Hence, getting visitation rights in the UK will be much smoother if you apply for the visa through an immigration specialist. These immigration specialists are knowledgeable in matters of emigration and immigration in and out of the country and can assist stranded individuals in obtaining their visas without any complications.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of the best UK immigration specialists that can help you process your visa to fulfil, as well as advice on what to look for when selecting one as regards travelling to fulfil your football dreams.

Best UK Immigration Specialists For Sporting Visa Procurement

The Sportsperson Visitor Visa has been incorporated with the ‘Standard Visitor Visa’ segment. Applicants who wish to participate in specific sporting events may apply for a Uk Sports Visitor Visa. The following are travel consultants that can help process your visa if you want to join a football academy in the UK.

1. TLScontact- Visa Application Centre Ikeja

Address: Etiebets Place, Ground, and First Floors, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja

Hours: Opens 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Phone: +234 1700 2040

TLS contact is a multinational corporation that collaborates with UK visa and immigration and is capable of assisting individuals applying for visas to the UK.

TLScontact helps the individual in locating workable solutions to problems caused by rejected applications. Their highly trained personnel, exceptional performance, and remarkable skill sets have enabled them to succeed throughout each stage of the immigration protocol.

They take great pride in their abilities to effectively work on applications by combining their preceding skill and experience. TLScontact is the team that can help you accomplish your immigration aspirations in the United Kingdom.

They handle the laborious parts of the immigration process for you by filling out and forwarding all of the necessary documentation and paperwork needed to process your visa. This reduces the complexity for you.

They have the resources and expertise necessary to conduct the research necessary to deliver your application in the most efficient manner possible, making it possible for them to successfully obtain a visa for you to travel to the United Kingdom to join a football academy.

Visit here.

2. British Deputy High Commission

Address: 11 Walter Carrington Cres, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Hours: Opens 8:00 AM

Phone: +234 (1) 277 0780

The British immigration service in Lagos provides a comprehensive range of immigration assistance to Nigerians, British citizens, and foreign travellers.

This British immigration service in Lagos provides support and assistance to Nigerian citizens who:

  • Need general or targeted intel about the British economy, customs, sports, education, and other viewpoints?
  • Need detailed description and procedure for securing British citizenship.
  • Require connections and facts in the United Kingdom for those seeking to apply and obtain a British visa.

They are visa and immigration experts, and as a result, they offer immigration services to both individual and business patrons in the most efficient and time-saving ways imaginable. Because of their cooperation, efficient and fast strategic planning, their customers, not just travelling, can work, live, and even take vacations in the UK if they decide. Visit here

3. NaijaGoingAbroad

Address: Abiodun Jagun St, Aguda 101233, Ikeja

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 0906 536 9929

Naijagoingabroad is a multinational enterprise having expertise in airline ticketing, visa applications, travel insurance, and hotel accommodations in Nigeria which helps individuals who want to travel out of the country. They may be your best bet if you want to travel to the UK to be a professional footballer. This is because their quality immigration services have convinced a large number of their customers, permitting them to keep a strong customer base relationship.

They place a high value on their customers, which is why they return for premium services, whether it is for a visa for dependents, a work visa, or any other visa requirements. This enterprise helps your unbelief, including your dream of carrying out your football dreams.

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4. BLS Spain Visa Application Centre

Address: Selina House 4 Idowu Martins Street, Off Adeola Odeku St, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos

Phone: 0705 664 5455

BLS International is a solution provider of courteous and consular services for the stressful administrative tasks of visa and passport applications. It serves embassies and consulates in 22 countries through hundreds of branches with a few more on the way and has consistently demonstrated prowess in aiding immigration services to its customers.

BLS International assists individuals, football players, and workers seeking permits in obtaining specialist visas and guidance to secure easy and stress-free access to travel to the United Kingdom. They will assist you through the application process and guide you in reviewing your documents.

BLS International runs efficiently with over 10 million applications per year, not only in Nigeria but from other countries who want to travel to the UK for their personal needs. It has branches situated in many countries like Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Nigeria.Visit here

5. VisaPaper

Address: F1 Lagos City Mall, Onikan, Lagos State

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 0908 459 0000

VisaPaper offers international facilitates, as well as visa guidance, accommodation, and pre-departure mentoring. Immigration specialists at VisaPaper have a high level of expertise and can provide in-depth and transparent support and guidance on the services you require. They can also provide an initial review before an application is approved.

VisaPaper also offers travel insurance that compensates for medical expenses, trip termination, misplaced luggage, flight disasters, and other unpredictable events while going overseas or regionally. They have grown in popularity by assisting clients in locating plausible remedies for issues incurred by rejected applications. Visit here

6. MOAF Consulting

Address: 4 Oyetubo St, Ikeja 101233, Ikeja

Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM

Phone: 0807 530 2113

Throughout the entire visa application procedure, MOAF consultants offer assistance. With just consolidated 10+ years of expertise in its business, MOAF Consulting has a deep overview of the market, the semantics, and the best strategies to achieve the objectives of its prospective customers. They have successfully handled millions of visa applications throughout the years and are excellent at what they do. They would be of tremendous help to you if you want to visit the UK to further your football career. Visit here

7. Migrants Advisory Limited

Address: Unit 13, Popo Mini Plaza, Adjacent New Tejuosho Plaza, Yaba, Lagos State.

Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: 0806 946 4824

Regarding opportunities for temporary and permanent immigration to the UK, Migrants Advisory Limited provides advice and consultation to individuals. To promote their clients’ chances of success, they provide precise evaluations and scrutinize their application forms. Additionally, they oversee client files and make updates as needed by immigration centres.

Visit here


Address: 2A Johnson Street, Off Dipeolu Street, By Allen Roundabout, Ikeja, Lagos

Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM

Phone: 0806 254 6245

Elite Atlantic Services Limited promotes international admissions to top universities, provides educational, sporting, and business tour packages, and helps you carry out any other plan you have in mind in Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States. With Elite Atlantic Services, your visa to travel to the UK to join a football academy would be processed without any struggles.

Visit here


Address: 2nd Floor Suite 6, Ariket Plaza, 235 Alake bus stop, Ikotun – Idimu Rd, Alimosho, Ikotun

Hours: 9 AM – 4 PM

Phone: 0815 969 2122

ZSR NIG LTD is a public corporation that specializes in providing foreign manpower training and coaching for clients travelling to the UK, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. This is accomplished by selecting multiple criteria with specialized and adaptable programs that meet the requirements of various clients. They also carry out immigration services as well as other travel strategic planning which is handled by their group of consultants at an affordable rate.

Visit here

10. Airserve Travels & Tours Ltd

Address: 302A JIDE OKI STREET Victoria Island, Lagos

Hours: Open 8 AM

Phone: +234 (0) 70 457 06 186

Airserve Travels and Tours Ltd is an IATA-certified incorporated multinational enterprise centred in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, that has been in public service and helping individuals secure visas to different countries since 1999.

Airserve Travels and Tours boasts of a sophisticated labour force with an experienced skill set regarding trip planning to countries such as the United Kingdom, with professionals who are dedicated to their services with a high level of competence and with a consolidated 37 years of practical experience in the travel industry around the world.

Airserve Travels and Tours Ltd is proficient in the remedies they provide for your travel needs for individuals seeking guidance on how to travel to the UK for football. They are passionate about providing effective and reliable and consistent travel services to customers who desperately seek travelling out from the country to the UK through a service delivery system owned and run by skillful, geared, and well-motivated specialists. They mark a revolutionary development in the travel industry and ensure a corporate travel partnership devoted to providing quality travel services to customers which enables them to travel successfully without restrictions.

What To Consider When Selecting UK Immigration Specialists

The underlisted are some factors that require consideration when choosing immigration specialists to help you process your visa to join a football academy.

Competence And Integrity

Knowing if the company is really who they claim to be and its consultants can help achieve your goals.

When you or your team members travel, several things go wrong along the way, things as flights getting terminated or rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, accidents, or attacks from terrorists that one won’t pray for to occur. If things eventually get out of hand, their workforce is expected to give their customers hope that they got them covered, no matter the situation.

An ideal travel management partner would be available if any problem arises whether day or night, anytime their assistance is required. Additionally, they must be able to provide you with options for action should you become uncomfortable in any circumstance.

Time Management

When planning to travel to the UK to pursue a football career, you may lose track of time because you are faced with many activities. Also, there are generally too many issues and challenges encountered when processing your visa with an energy-draining effect, therefore consulting an immigration specialist is recommended. This is because they have prior experience and skills which will help you plan the trip most efficiently.

After you may have informed them of your plans, they would help choose a method that best suits your requirements by running several custom-designed programs that will save you stress and time.

Others factors

  • Ensuring that you receive the best possible pricing at a considerable rate, they bargain for you when it comes to airfare and hotel costs aiding cost reduction. Additionally, having some resources that the typical consumer would not be acquainted with which will be required at the immigration centres.
  • Access to a huge variety of airlines and services and a simple registration process.


It is much more convenient to work with a travel agent than to plan your trip. You will receive helpful insights on information that might not be made accessible to the public if you were acting alone. Some travels and experiences about securing a visa are only accessible through a travel agent. If you choose the best immigration specialists from the many that offer UK immigration services, you can be rest assured that your desire to carry on your football dreams will be fulfilled without a hassle.