MTN Night Plan Code 2024 – 500MB For ₦50

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You can also check your MTN night plan balance by dialing *312#. Select 1 (data bundles). Select 11 (manage your data). You will see a list of your running data subscriptions. Select the night plan and you’ll see the balance.

You can also use the data usage feature on your smartphone to detect your nightlife balance. Simply go to your phone setting > wireless & network > data usage > data usage cycle. Set the time and date to when you requested a night plan, and you’ll be able to detect how much data your phone has used.


Once you subscribe to the MTN Night plan, your subscription becomes active and cannot be reversed. Once you get the activation successful message, you cannot cancel your purchase. The good thing is that this plan does not auto-renew after that night, you will have to manually activate it to get night browsing data.


I think the MTN night plan is an excellent offer for customers, especially students and small agencies who want to reduce the amount they spend on data and increase the time they spend on the internet. But I’m not a big fan of night browsing.

One of the most significant disadvantages of the MTN night plan is losing sleep and staying late on the internet. If you use this plan from 11 pm to 6 am, you will sleep late, and when you wake up, you’ll wake up with a very annoying headache.

Another con of using the MTN nightlife bundle is that the plan is limited. The maximum data available to an MTN customer is a 2GB subscription per night.

If it were unlimited, then maybe staying up all night is worth it. That aside, the MTN night plan is the best option if you plan to get big data at a super low cost.


In conclusion, the MTN Night Plan for 2023, offering 500MB or 250MB for just ₦50 and ₦25 respectively, is a fantastic way to stay connected without breaking the bank. With this affordable option, you can make the most of your late-night browsing and enjoy uninterrupted internet access during the night hours.

So, whether you’re catching up on work or simply browsing the web, this plan has got you covered without burning a hole in your pocket.

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