1000-lb Sisters: Why Fans Feel Amy Is Delusional About Her Weight Gain

Some 1000-lb Sisters viewers feel Amy Slaton-Halterman is being lied to by those who keep telling her she looks good. Since season 1, the reality TV star has worked hard to lose weight and battled to keep it off, which is no small feat. There is no doubt that Amy has shown bravery by sharing her intense lifestyle with the world on 1000-lb Sisters.

Over the course of three seasons, faithful viewers have watched Amy qualify for gastric bypass and turn her health around, mainly for the better. Thanks to their YouTube videos, Amy and her sister Tammy have racked up quite the following in recent years. While there are some haters who like to call the Slaton sisters out, most followers seem to support Amy and her endeavors.

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While it is nice for 1000-lb Sisters viewers to support Amy, some others feel their blind loyalty is doing her a disservice. Social media users often post photos of the Slaton sisters when they accidentally bump into them out in public, which more often than not leads to a discussion. Recently, Reddit user Dramatic-Ad6652 posted a photo of Amy sporting a blue dress with her matching blue hair. In the comments, the poster showed that Amy replied to her, saying she thought she looked “huge.” The person who started the thread wrote back that the TLC star looked beautiful, but some followers took issue with the heartwarming reply.

It seems that a group of 1000-lb Sisters viewers feel that no one is being honest with Amy, who does look like she has gained some of the weight she lost back. A thread participant wrote, “Everyone told her she looks beautiful. Not one person said Hey, you’re gaining all that weight back.” Many viewers would like to see more honesty from those who support Amy as they feel she is delusional when it comes to her looks.

Most of the 1000-lb Sisters commenters agreed that they were not trying to be cruel with their observations. Many noted that Amy went through very painful surgery to lose the excess weight and doesn’t want the procedure to be in vain. Even with their lack of tact, viewers really want to see Amy succeed especially because she has two little boys to stay happy and healthy for. Hopefully, Amy can recognize she isn’t just gaining pregnancy weight and do something to continue living a healthier lifestyle going forward. With any luck, viewers will be able to continue following her journey on 1000-lb Sisters.

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Source: Dramatic-Ad6652/Reddit